Top Ten Western Societal Issues That Should Be Paid More Attention To

This is a list that has to be done. I have my opinions, you have yours. Feel free to share them! You're going to see a lot of stuff here that I posted that you might not agree with. That's okay! Post your own stuff! Add, vote, comment - let people know what you think!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENSIVE WITH THIS LIST. This list is intended to exploit major issues in Western and American society. IT IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU TO BE DISCRIMINATORY OR HATEFUL. Thank you.
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1 Discrimination

Elites own everything including government, media, social media and Hollywood and they have plans that are vastly different from we the people. All of these mentioned entities are being manipulated and corrupted to create social division. They are having success. Many western world citizens are apathetic, complacent and frankly ignorant of the reality playing out before our very eyes. Voting knowledge and participation are perfect examples. Too many don't know and don't care. Most people do not care about others ethnicity and race but again the above mentioned entities want to create social division. Obama never failed to play the race card. There is racist people but it is minimal in the west. Which countries are world immigrants and refugees trying to get into. So discrimination is a being created for the purposes of helping the global elites create the conditions and environments conducive to helping better achieve their goals. You will own nothing and be happy. The younger people must dump social media and boomers must dump legacy media. They both propagate a left wing narrative, censor right leaning views and just don't report news stories that don't fit the agenda. We all must learn to discern and become active in saving what is being slowly removed by the global billionaire class. There are lots of sources that can accurately educate us like independent journalists and talk shows and podcasts. Also world media sources from foreign countries. Make these sources earn your truth and you'll become much more accurately enlightened. Mainstream media is CORPORATE/government narrative and social media is killing socialization in the millennials and Zs. We need to save the western democracies as they are the freedom we all love …………

2 Commercialism

Almost nothing is made local today... Most of the companies we all know and love outsource to countries like Indonesia or Honduras (I have nothing against people living there) and pay their workers less than the average American worker. Why? GREED. Greed is a thing where if you have enough of it, you'll have lots of trouble stopping it. The majority of countries in the world follow either side of the philosophy, the corporates or the sweatshop workers. There are very few exceptions to this.

Corporations runs this country. You can't go anywhere without seeing some big-time company's logo with a registered trademark symbol to go with it. Nothing is publicly owned. Groups of people become brainwashed by the idea of money, and begin to swallow up all that is original and progressive. It just takes away so much variety and texture away from us.

3 Ignorance
4 Bad Parenting

Just a reminder: You're not a bad person for not knowing how to properly take care of kids, as long as you don't choose to have kids.

On one end of the spectrum, there's spoiling, which can make your kids think they can step on everyone and go off scott-free, which can turn them into horrible people. On the other end of the spectrum, there's abusing, which can literally give your kids PTSD and can lead them onto horrible places and maybe even dark paths. In between the extremes is a sweet spot that every parent should aim for.

5 Materialism

You have to wear the hottest clothes. You have to see the newest movie. You have to own the latest technology. People managed to live without such materialism 50 years ago...they were fine! Nobody is innocent - we're all guilty of this in some way. There is no such thing as a non-superficial person. We all have our weaknesses. Understandable. But the attraction towards superficial attributes just makes it worse.

6 Social Injustice

Kinda similar to discrimination. This is a huge problem among our American teens - the alphas and the omegas. The top and bottom. Let's lay down another issue here - BULLYING. Do you remember Amanda Todd? I bet you all cared when she was gone! Did you care when she posted that video? Huh? Be honest.

7 False Media Information
8 Sexuality and Homophobia

Why do you care who people like I'm straight and I support LBTGQ+ I support them if it makes them happy as long as none of them force me into a relationship.

Many, many, many problems here. If you're straight, sex runs your whole life. It's a good thing! But if you're LGBT, it's your worst nightmare. Homophobia is real. Don't deny it. If a celebrity says, "I'm gay", it's a whole-big to-do. When Bruce became Caitlyn, it's "controversial". When Taylor Swift gets a new boyfriend, it's "normal". Think to yourself: does that actually make any sense? And I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE RELIGIOUS VIEWS ABOUT THIS. I can be tolerant of you if for religious reasons, you don't support gay marriage, transgenders, or abortion. But don't let that get in the way of other people's happiness.

9 Murder
10 Corrupted Views in Movies and TV

America's media policy: Marilyn Manson is a horrible role model for the country. Pay attention to Miley Cyrus instead. She's a way better role model!

America's media policy: graphic, extreme, bloody violence is OKAY - just as long as you don't say a curse word or show a naked person.

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11 Prejudices
12 Violence

Adam Lanza shot up Sandy hook becasue he was mentally insane, not because of violent video games, you incompetent twits.

"But he played violent video games and watched violent movies! " Yeah, so did most of his fellow classmates around the same age, so why was Adam the only one that shot up a school? BECAUSE HE WAS NUTS.

Also, he didn't get a license for the gun, he stole it from his mother, then shot her.

Adam shot up the school because he was neglected by people around him, and he developed sociopathic tendencies because of it. It has nothing to do with video games.

13 Poverty

We Americans love our money, our food on the table every night, our roofs above our heads...we consume. We dispose, and replace. That's a lovely $60 shirt you're wearing! It matches your Italian leather wallet, and your shine-up shoes. Did you know 1 in 6 American children go to bed hungry every night? Yet the rich people don't seem to care! Suburban resident rules: always avoid the "bad" part of town. Those aren't bad people. Those are LESS FORTUNATE people. Poverty is a horrible thing. Those homeless people don't rob you for money or greed. They want to feed their families. They want to live through the next day.

14 Child Molestation
15 Animal Cruelty
16 People Using the Media As an Excuse to Be Violent

Yeah, the other day I read a news story on how two girls left of a building as part of a death group but for some weird reason it added a side tangent of how the girls watched Deathnote.

17 Corrupted Law Enforcement
18 Rape
19 Bullying

Schools put up all those anti bullying posters, yet they don't do anything at all about the bullies when they pick on other students.

20 Obesity

Agreed; the government should monitor exactly what and how much people eat, especially children, to help prevent obesity.

21 School Shootings

Shooting after shooting after shooting. It's no surprise that America is basically desensitized to school shootings. Schools genuinely don't feel very safe at all, but nothing's being done about it. This is just infuriating. I don't care if the chances of being a victim of a shooting in America is 1 in 10 million or smth. It feels more like 1 in 10. By the time the school shooter gets caught and arrested, it would already be too late. It doesn't matter if all of them get caught anyways. Children have already gotten traumatized, if not killed, and the only way to prevent that is by preventing the incidents from happening in the first place.

Gun-owning parents, if you're reading this, make sure you SECURELY store your guns, and make sure children can't easily access them to start a school shooting.

22 Terrorism
23 Racism

Falls under the umbrella of "discrimination".

24 Mass Appeal and Conformation

It's what I like to call the "Mass Mentality". If you don't THINK, ACT, and LOOK just like everybody else, you're "weird", or something worse. Conformist blindly follow. The entire society is a machine, as clone after clone is produced. There is no variety in our American citizens. 99% of us are the same as the next. Doing or saying anything different or off-beat is immediately frowned upon. Subcultures such as the hipster community or the alternative scene are ridiculed and rejected from everywhere and everyone.

25 Relying Way Too Much on Technology
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