Top 10 Things You Least Want Your Parents to Catch You Doing

So you are minding your business home alone when surprise! One or both of your parents came home early! Here's the stuff they don't want you to see you ever doing.
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1 Masturbating

Personally it is better if they catch you touching yourself to a sexual fantasy than watching adult content. That would mean that you are normal and not perverted. Also clean up after your mess afterwards to prevent getting caught and do it in a room such as a bathroom or bedroom late at night when they are asleep.

My dad caught me masturbating twice. The first time he walked in on me and it was kinda awkward, but we didn't talk about it afterward. I guess he just accepted it because he knew it was normal, and I'm sure he does it, or he at least used to do it when he was younger. The second time he caught me I had my door open, which was stupid of me, and he saw me masturbating. He had a chat with me about it, but all he mainly said was it's fine. If I want to do it, he doesn't mind me doing it, but I just need to close my door because he doesn't want my sisters or mum to have to see me masturbating. But mostly he was pretty chill, I guess because he knew every guy does it. It is normal and he most likely does it or did it when he was my age. To be honest, he probably just has sex every night now with my Mum! That would feel better and you'd get better orgasms anyway!

2 Having sex

Getting caught having sex is worse than getting caught masturbating. You can masturbate any time, so if you're caught you can just do it another day. But if you are caught having sex, your partner is embarrassed and may not want to have sex at your place again, or with you. Not only that, but parents often bring up the old bird and the bees talk again.

Masturbating, they do not get angry. Sex, they go mad and ban you from the person you are doing it with forever.

What a disturbing thing to find.

3 Breaking their stuff

I accidentally broke my mom's heater while carrying it down the stairs. She told me to take it down from her room, and I accidentally tipped it over and broke the dials as I was picking it up. She forgave me afterwards.

It's one thing to mess with their stuff without permission. It's another to break something they own.

Oh you broke insert high tech gadget that was overly expensive.

4 Doing drugs

Unless you have parents that do drugs every day (and are subsequently awful at parenting, for the record), no parent ever wants to catch their kid doing drugs. You learn this kind of stuff in school, yet some kids you might know decide to do it. Heck, I see lots of smokers on campus daily.

On the other hand, there is that whole legalization business for marijuana, so I'm not exactly sure what the future will hold for the pot smokers.

I've smoked on the roof before and then I fell back into my house. My mom saw the red eyes on my face before I threw out the blunt. I told my mom I was tired, and she just told me not to play Grand Theft Auto late at night.

If I was caught, my ass would've been beaten.

5 Watching porn

Not a porno movie, but it is an adult movie. I watched "Showgirls", a 1995 movie about topless showgirls in Vegas. I knew that my mom didn't approve of this so I decided to turn it on and watch when she was out of the room. She walked in later and caught me watching it. She then told me that it's too inappropriate and that I shouldn't be watching those types of movies.

By the way, I am 26.

I watched Showgirls and The Hangover. They both have nudity in it, so when my mom enters and there's a nude scene coming up, I just skip to that part and tell my mom that it's buffering.

6 Eating all of the food

I have a fear that somebody's going to walk in on me eating something and be like, "WHY are you eating all the food?"

Typical, but no harm no foul just make up for it next time around.

I got busted for eating all the food at a party once...

7 Getting into their stuff

I'm nosy, so when I'm worried about my parents, I go through their stuff to see what's going on. If my mom caught me, she'd just get mad. If my dad caught me, he'd be furious. That's why I do it when they're not home.

8 Getting naked

When I was nine or ten years old, the friend of my dad's girlfriend saw me naked because I stupidly went downstairs for the pool and forgot to put on my bathing suit. It was so embarrassing. What made it worse was how my dad's girlfriend said "You know better!" to me.

Sometimes I get changed in my room, and it annoyed me to death every time my parents came in without knocking.

My parents accidentally walk in on me changing/showering sometimes. It's so embarrassing.

9 Breaking your own stuff

They'll rat on you regardless of whose stuff gets broken.

10 Wasting electricity

It's cloudy/raining outside during the day. I turn the lights on to see/read better, and my mom is like, "You're wasting electricity! Turn it off!"

My youngest brother does this all the time, yet my parents don't seem to care at all.

By having it on in the middle of the night I've down way too many times.

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11 Making a mess in the house

Not going to make the same mistake my brother ended up pulling.

12 Singing

My dad videotaped me singing to a song from some kid show when I was little, when I wasn't looking. I felt super embarrassed when he told me. Thank goodness he didn't show it to anyone.

I am usually uncomfortable about singing in front of others, although my teacher said that I have a good singing voice.

It's especially worse when you are metal screaming or growling.

13 Seducing inappropriate partners

It happened to me. I was sitting next to my girlfriend once, and my cousin gave me a funny look. After my aunt left, my cousin took me for a walk and explained that my girlfriend is not a good choice. I always end up dating the wrong people for some reason.

Better get some protection, otherwise, this will come back to haunt you down the path, and before you know it, you could be on the Maury show.

14 Kissing someone of the same sex

Okay then you are referring to homosexuals, and Lesbians... by all means the preference of ones gender bias varies to this day.

My mom does know I'm bi and doesn't care.

15 Talking to yourself

I commentate when playing games but don't like it when people hear me. My mum says my lips randomly move and that's just me talking to the voices in my head, which I believe that for some reason some are real people across the world. I'm weird and offbeat, end of story.

So yeah, my sister does this all the time and she would say things like, "Before I went to school and I saw this kid and I said 'Move it you rat' and I was like..." and so on. My mom got upset and she literally tried calling a therapist. Ever since, she's been addicted to that kinky crap called Boystory and don't bother looking them up. They are ugly as heck.

16 Listening to inappropriate music

My overprotective mom won't let me listen to "inappropriate" music but allows my younger cousins to listen to songs with explicit language in them.

My parents blocked songs with explicit content on my iPod, and they blocked my six favorite songs, so I listen to them on Spotify and YouTube every day.

Not a problem. Most of the music I listen to barely has any swears, but when it does, it's usually only an f bomb or two.

17 Watching any movie that has sexual content in it

Oh boy. You really do die inside when it happens.

When I watch it with my parents it is just weird so I leave until its over

Whenever I'm watching a sex scene with my parents, a part of me dies

18 Bullying

My mom doesn't like it when I "terrorize" my little cousins.

When they were younger, they would constantly annoy me on purpose, and whenever I yell at them to get them to stop, they would cry, and I would get in trouble for "being mean" to them.

I wasn't terrorizing them. I was trying to teach them a lesson! >:(

19 Drawing “inappropriate” pictures

Here's a weird story of mine. In middle school, I hung around with this geek who wrote weird fanfiction comic strips of famous kids' shows with stupid hilarious drawings. I got a bit of inspiration to do so in my spare time at school but forgot to remove it from my pants this one time. My mom then found an unfinished story of mine, and I just sort of flipped out at her and left the house for a day. However, she understood it wasn't really offensive or anything, so I was invited back in.

Once I drew a penis on the teacher's head as a prank. I got suspended from school for a month.

20 Watching anime

Every time I watch TV-14 anime, nothing inappropriate happens. However, whenever my parents come into the room, the show I'm watching just happens to show or mention inappropriate content like pervy references or cussing. This happened when I watched Mob Psycho 100 on the week of Thanksgiving. It was all fine and stuff, but when my dad came in, characters swore like 5+ times in under 5 minutes, with one of them making a pervy reference to girls' butts. That was when he asked me and my sister about what rating it was, and we said it's TV-14. This is a major disadvantage to being permitted to watch TV-14 shows, to me.

21 Cross dressing
22 Twerking

More like "Watching twerking videos".

Nice picture by the way...

23 Staying up past your bedtime

I stayed up twelve minutes past my bedtime, and my dad forced me to stay up until 4 a.m. cleaning. Then, I can't take any naps, even though I'm so sleepy. Like, who does this to their children?

Ha, imagine my mom walking in on me on my phone at 4am, I'd be grounded for so long.

I do this every day. Only my dad cares though

24 Watching mature TV shows

When I was six, I watched South Park. Not joking. My dad knew and let us watch it, then said, "Don't tell mum." My dad is one of those parents who lets their kids do whatever.

I get this one since they do attack pop culture in a very aggressive fashion where it works really well, but at times they use controversial methods.

I watch South Park a lot. My mom would've destroyed me if she found out about how dirty that show is.

25 Wasting water

Imagine running the sink for a couple of hours... then a week later the water bill is up high. Gee, I wonder what acts you pulled this time.

My parents complain that I shower long, yet my mom and sister shower even longer!

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