Top Ten Things We Say and Used to Say That May Not Make Sense In the Future

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1 Swag

This word is so stupid it should be gone already.

Luckily it seems to be fading away now, thank goodness!

I only use this word when taking the piss.

2 Groovy

I use this word frequently, to describe people, music, and situations. It's pretty much the ultimate compliment.

This term is already pretty dated. I just like the way it sounds. Plus, it fits my nostalgic personality. ;) But I'll bet you 20 years from now, "groovy" will be forgotten.

Actually, this is from 50 years ago, and it still manages to be around.

3 Bae

Stupid and pointless word. You people do know it's Danish for poop right?

Am I weird because I had to do a Google search for what this word meant?

4 Gay

First this word meant happy or joyful. Then it meant homosexual. Now apparently, it seems to mean "lame" or "uncool." I hope this word becomes extinct in the future.

It's so annoying and stupid when people use it as an insult. First it meant happy, then homosexual for males, and now its used as an insult!

They should change the word for homosexual because gay used to mean happy, and now people are just using it as an insult.

5 Rad

NOBODY says this anymore. (Unless you live in the 80's and came to the 21st century in a time machine. )

6 Hash Tag (#)

I use this word in its correct meaning, but I took an oath to call these hash browns.

Hashtags are so #annoying, being used to put #hollowemphasis on pretty much #everything that I want to #killeverybody over and over for every #time a new #hashtag is out. May hashtags be #gone soon.

Why must they use this every time.

7 Noob

It creams my corn to no end when a guy calls me a noob. I got three moves out of four Gliscor's standard moveset and suddenly I'm a "noob"?! I am a proud Pokemon master. Not one of those shallow girls who claims to like Pikachu because he's "cute"!

It's annoying when someone calls you this on a game, and you just want to lash out in an angry rage.

I hate how people misuse this word in video games. Noob means a person who is inexperienced.

8 Ratchet

To me, whenever I hear this word I immediately think of Ratchet and Clank.

What does Ratchet mean? That fox thing from Ratchet and Clank?

I STILL don't know what the slang term for this word means.

9 Awesome-Sauce

Somebody please tell me the purpose of using this word.

10 Totes

That's totes cute and soups adorbs! That is the language of many girls in my school.

I want to slap people when I hear them say this.

^ Agreed, I have never liked this word it has always been bothersome to me ever since I first discovered it.

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11 Booty

Never liked this word in the first place and I never will.


Why when I voted it was at 12 then went up to 11? This should be in the Top 3 here is reasons why:
Everybody (almost) Says it

Yeah we KNOW we only live once no need to rub it in...

Gosh... Now I've got the "Fro Yo Yolo" song in my head.

13 Twerk
14 Selfie
15 21

When the kids at my school started saying this, I just thought: "How is it that a number can be a slang word? "

It's a number, but yeah, the 9+10 joke is going to be forgotten.

16 Kea

I hate this word! People say it all the time at my school. Typically polynesians.
For those of you who don't know this word it practically means 'I don't care'. But since none of the teachers know what it means everyone just uses it over and over.

17 Bruh
18 Hubba Hubba
19 Stoner

Stoner has been used for decades. I don't know anyone older than 12 that doesn't know what it means. It basically means someone that gets "stoned" a lot, or under the influence of marijuana. I don't think its suppose to originate from something. Really not sure why this is on here.

20 Left Nostril
21 Null

It's literally a real word..? Why is it on here

22 Boss

Like for instance ; This group is boss, You guys are so boss, This car is boss... and so on. Used to be a common expression in the mid-sixties before they replaced it with groovy.

23 Out of Sight
24 Far out
25 LOL
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