Top 10 Ways to Tell Someone to Shut Up

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1 Shut the f*** up

One time, I got angry at someone so much about all the crap he kept saying about me that I accidentally told him to shut up in my native language, and it actually made him shut up.

I always use this. It works sometimes. Other times, you just need to be straight up and say, "Your breath stinks. Stop polluting the air."

I wish I could say that, but my dad told me to never say that word, so no can do.

2 Oh just shut it, go and shove your head in a toilet!
3 Be careful you might choke on those words

The perfect amount of passive-aggressive. My thing.

My style of telling people to be quiet.

4 I'm sick and tired of your words so just shut up!

This is the best one because I like things that are simple and to the point.

I say that all the time! But it never works.

Yeah, just be real and get to the point.

5 It is over now? 'cause I've had enough of your foul mouth smell

Really, they suck. They are disgusting!

6 And I thought that Bieber was boring

When you just need to tell someone to be quiet in the meanest way possible.

I like this because I can use it against my mother.

7 Can you shut your trashy dustbin please?

Um, I would never leave the lid to my trash can open.

Used it and haven't talked to them since.

8 You look beautiful with your mouth closed

Haha! I love this one. If I ever get another bully on my back, I'll be sure to use this one.

A compliment and an insult at the same time! I'd be silent for the rest of my life.

Then they will say they are ugly just to annoy you.

9 Shut up

Sometimes, you've got to stick with the classics.

Oh, the classic Shut up! It makes my day.

I think this one is really common.

10 You know right now I just want to put a fork in it

Sounds like if you don't get help quickly, you might put a fork in the TV or something. Go get a float and chill out.

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11 Bye for now
12 Ok I've had enough

We all have enough. That's when you leave the house and take the bank card and the car. Say hello to Florida or any town to get this stress off of me. Even if you have to hop a bus, just go, go, go.

13 I'm sorry, were you talking?

Being rude to them, because why not?

14 Stop whining, I get enough if this crap from my six year old and he's less annoying than you, at least he shuts up!

Little six-year-old brother is better than the big whining child.

15 I'm not interested please

I'll try to make you interested.

16 Stop talking. Your voice is worse than Bieber.

A good insult always includes Dustbin Beaver being better!

I will practice to make it better.

17 You know that your vocal cord is horrible?

Of course, my vocal is terrible. I talk on the phone at work, scream at the kids when I get home, and yell at my husband because he was out all night. Now, I cannot talk. I put on a tape with Britney Spears, play a couple of songs by the Beatles, and a song by the Dells, Oh, What a Night. So my vocal cords seem to be doing alright until tonight.

18 Go die

This is the most efficient way to shut someone up. Thank you.

I'm a pumpkin skull, so technically I'm kind of already there.

That is animal abuse. What? We are animals.

19 You know the smartest people stay silent for long periods of time.

What if they accept it and keep talking?

If you don't want your brain to get damaged, you'd better shut the hell up.

20 Don’t talk crap about the only friend you are gonna get
21 Zip it up!
22 Don't ever pass up your chance to shut up

An inspirational way to tell someone that they are talking too much. For instance, I have a friend on whom I used this. It worked!

23 STFU noob. Also get rekt'
24 KYS
25 Put a sock in your piehole you big buzzard
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