Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Stop Hating On the Mentally Retarded

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1 It's cruel

It is so mean. I have autism and I've been picked on. And I've seen mentally retarded people be picked on too. There was a group of people at my school who went out of their way to pick on kids with disabilities. They would run up to them and shout insults and in dodgeball they would hit them in the head. They once told a retarded kid you have a dogs intelligence

It's not their fault they're not like you. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if someone made fun of you because you're not like most people? It would feel absolutely awful. Stop making fun of them

2 The mentally retarded are people, not subhumans

They can't help being born with disabilities - they're still humans, just like the rest of us.

As a certified 'Tard, we aren't retarded. We're just smart in our own ways. There is a universe where retards are the master race.

3 It's not funny

It's never funny. Having worked with the mentally handicapped for 28 years, I guarantee most of them do know what you are saying, and it hurts.

If it is witty, light hearted and has no intention to be offensive, then it may be slightly. But, the mean ones...

What kind of idiot would make fun of someone with a terrible condition like that? I mean, that is very immature.

4 The world will be a better place if you stop being mean to them
5 They have feelings
6 It spreads hate onto others

There are two people at my church that have said retarded. I get angry when I hear it used like an insult. I don't even know anyone retarded, but it still makes me angry.

I'm shocked people really do this kinda stuff to mental people. I normally see people really nice to them. But yes that is mean spirited to hate on mental people. Just plain evil

7 Some of them are nice people
8 It's inhumane

Considering how many people born with a mental disability have actually given tireless efforts to make a positive difference in our world, including Sir Isaac Newton, Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg, we should definitely have more respect for them and their achievements.

9 It's not the person's fault that they are retarded

In most cases you're right, RockFashionista. But there are also people who become mentally handicapped in several different ways, including traffic or industrial accidents, aneurysms, severe illness, and others. And sometimes the person was in an accident early in their life, and you just don't know.

This condition is caused by mutations in DNA after the meiosis process during sexual reproduction. That means it happened before they were even born. It's obviously not their fault.

Do you think they just decided, "Hey, I have a great idea! Let's get this condition that will make socializing and learning harder for me than all the 'normal' kids and get picked on for it for the rest of my life"?

10 We are all equal

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, people should not be judged on their color, religion, physical condition, etc. but by the content of their heart.

I literally don't understand why people hate on others just because they are different.

Black white Asian Mexican man woman gay straight we are all equal

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11 It is a waste of time
12 The mentally retarded should be more respected

It makes me angry when others say autistic people are mentally retarded. I'm not kidding, few things in this life make me angrier. I have autism, and I'm not mentally retarded at all. Neither are other autistic individuals.

THANK YOU! I'm so glad there are people out there who actually appreciates people like us. The more we share our experiences, the better.

@RockFashionista Wow! Those people don't even realize mental retardation and autism aren't the same things!

13 They were just born that way

Most were, but not all. I work in the field of caring for the mentally handicapped (that's the term I use) and I remember a staff member named Tim that I worked with in a group home. Tim left to work at a construction company, and I left to work at a day activity center for the Mr. A couple years later, after a bad industrial accident at the construction company, the DAC where I was working got a new client, and it was Tim. There's a saying among workers in my field that you're only a car accident away from being the care-getter and not the caregiver.

14 Because you're not perfect either

Every human being has their own flaws. Nobody is perfect so you shouldn't be too critical of others. And you can't help the way you're born.

Duh! No one is perfect except in their own way.

15 It makes you look mentally retarded
16 They cannot help it
17 Generally speaking, the mentally retarded live more innocent and clean lives than normal people
18 Hating on them makes you lose faith in society
19 They're not aware of what you're saying about them

This is too general a statement, there are so many different levels of Mr. Most of them are smarter than you think, though, and are very much aware of what is being said.

They are most definitely aware.

20 They can always get help.
21 Cognitive capabilities do not determine a person's worth
22 It has no positives for doing so

It cannot even be considered a wise crack or a joke. all it does is make those with disabilities feel down, and depending on the condition and severity, it can lead to suicide, or murder, and you can be arrested by enforced suicide, or murder by proxy, and that doesn't benefit anyone, and makes everyone more miserable.

I'm not saying all people with disabilities do this, but it is an example on how bad it can get. if you don't take heed on this then you are just an inhumane being and should die.

23 It makes you look bad
24 It's bullying
25 They haven't done anything wrong to you
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