Top Ten Things to Say When Someone Says "What's Up"

What's Up is often said these days, this list will tell you the right thing to say according to your mood and personality. Choose wisely the next time someone say's "what's up" to you.
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1 The sky

It is the most said thing when someone has said what's up, it is basically adding a tinge of humour.

The most overused reply ever. Just tired of people saying this, its not at all funny anymore.

I don't think I've ever said this. I usually say "Nothing much".

Yeah, this one's gotten old.

2 Seven

Yes my favourite number!

3 Nothing much

It is just a simple thing to say, expressing that you are all cool and alright. You are just alright with every thing in life, and nothing extremely good or bad is happening.

It's a good idea if your just trying to be chill and calm. I said this when my friend said "what up girl"

This is a way to show you are cool. Now I know to say this next time.

Shows your chill

4 Doc
5 Plastic dinosaurs

It's so random its sure to make the person go?

What the heck who added this

6 Look! Yo mama's making an eclipse!

What in the name of our holy mother Maria is going on there?

7 What's down

Love it kinda of smart as thing to say lol

8 Correct your grammar, hooligan!

I would say this. Ironically, but I'd still say it.

9 All cool

You are happy with every thing in life and have no tensions.

10 Me! Because I tower over you!

No I don't disappointingly..

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11 The dog ate it.
12 What's that earwig doing in your nostril, bub?
13 Carbon dioxide levels...

My hopes, that you'll figure out I hate you.

14 Music is going to be better because Justin Bieber quit

The person obviously hates Justin Bieber and is a fan of music.

15 Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
16 I hacked the navy

The person is catchy, over smart and humorous.

U really like the song that u made

How did they know

17 I watch you sleep
18 Everything's fine

Yes, because you're so in denial.

19 Crime rate

Because of me

20 Same old! Nothing much
21 Your stupidity
22 It's all good in the hood
23 I'm fine

This indicates that the person who is saying this is simple/ decent. The bad part is the person can take advantage of you. But it is a nice thing to say. The person can get bullied easily.

24 I'm good

You have just moved on with life, and got onto the main plot.

25 You always say that

So so very tired of that expression please b creative

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