Most Hilarious Doomsday Predictions

Here’s a list of the silliest doomsday predictions and what is the reason behind them, both past and future! It’s unlikely that the world will end in one day, probably be hundreds or even thousands of years.
The Top Ten
1 Mayan Calendar - 21 December, 2012

So when would the end of a calendar end the whole world, it's like saying that the world will end on December 31, when our calendar ends

2 Global Warming - Sometime in 2053

Global Warming is a problem but is it as bad as everyone claims it is? Probably not. If Global Warming was actually going to kill us off in 2053, or even 2153 then we would already start dying off by now in big numbers because of it. It's an issue but we're not all gonna die that soon or that quickly.

3 Y2K - January 1, 2000

So they believe a computer bug that shows time would kill the whole planet? Planes would fall from the sky well it was already unlikely and that wasn't even the system planes used (see Y2K 2.0 for information which I have also included in this list) but yeah it might be annoying but would never have killed us all

4 Halley’s Comet - 1910 or 2061

Every 76 years Halley's Comet passes Earth but why do people think that next pass it will magically hit Earth?

5 Isaac Newton - 2060

So many people predict the world is gonna end all the times so why would Isaac Newton be right? Why not ask Nostradamus? I don't think anyone knows when the world will actually end

6 COVID-19 - Sometime in 2020

COVID-19 is a bad virus but people were surviving it, it hasn't even killed 1% of the population and it's almost the end of 2021. It may have killed lots of people and that fact was known but unlikely to have ended the world. People survived the Black Death didn't they?

7 Y2K 2.0 - 19 January, 2038

Have you heard of Unix time? A lot of computers, planes, satellites, trains and even cars use it. Unix time is the time in seconds that is programmed and it can count up to 2,147,483,647 both positive and negative. On January 19, 2038 Unix time runs out so some clocks will return to 1901. This is likely to cause some effects on computers and transportation but is unlikely to cause a long lasting or cause huge numbers of deaths.

8 Abandonment or Nuclear Winter - Sometime in 2027

All started from a TikTokker who claimed he woke up in 2027 and there was nobody there, the cause is unknown but there is speculation it is a Nuclear Winter but it is highly unlikely that time travel is possible like that.

9 Asian Attack - 4 April, 2044

In many countries in Asia have a fear of the number 4 as the word for "four" is similar to the word for "death". Many buildings in those countries don't have a 4th floor and some claim when the calendar reaches 4/4/44 the world will end due to the number.

10 Asteroid Apophis - 13 April, 2029

There are many near Earth objects but not often does something come this close and it's a big one. On 13 April 2029 the asteroid will fly by Earth around 19,000 km, closer than the orbit of satellites and there is around a 2% chance of impact, The impact would not be quite as bad as the dinosaurs but close. There is cause for concern but not for panic.