Top Ten Words Used Too Loosely (Excluding Political Labels or Terms)

A list of single words that are said/used too loosely. As the list title states, please do not add current (or any) political labels and terms to this list such as: Trumptard, Libtard, Nazi, Fascist, Gaslighting, Patriot, Racist, Bigot, etc. And yes those words are used too loosely too but please do not add them or others like it. Also, stick to one word not sayings.
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1 Love

"I love my car," "I love that band," "I love that movie," "I love that celebrity." Do you really?

To me, the best way to see if I love something is if I am willing to die for it. For example, when you say, "I love this movie!" are you willing to give your life for it?

Agreed. People tend to use it too much when it comes to people they are attracted to.

Just because you have a crush on someone doesn't mean you love that person. You have to know them well first.

2 Hero

This word is used way too loosely, especially when someone is given this label just for doing the right thing.

Also, your profession title does not automatically make you a hero. It depends on how you act with it.

3 Hate

When you don't like something, do you automatically "hate it"? If you're like this, you probably have higher-than-average mental issues.

Personally, I dislike a lot of things, but hate? There's a couple of things, but not everything I dislike or am not into.

4 Sexy

This was getting popular to use for a while, but it seems to be dying down now. Calling food, cars, cartoon characters, etc. "sexy" is absurd.

To label something as "sexy" means that you either get sexually aroused or want to have sex with it. Do you want to have sex with food, cars, and cartoon characters?

5 G.O.A.T.

I've seen that many times among pro wrestling fans.

At the end of the day, who the best athlete is is always up for debate.

Everybody's the "G.O.A.T." now. It's ridiculous.

It's usually used in sports to describe an athlete, often by people who are ignorant and only use it to describe their personal favorite player or athlete.

6 Nostalgiatard

The reason I think this word is used too loosely is that it is always said by young people who have no idea what nostalgia really is or feels like.

Take the people who loosely use this term on this site. They're all kids or barely young adults. You guys have no idea.

Yeah, I'm a bit nostalgic at times, but I also live in the now. Nostalgia doesn't hit you till later in life, which you youngsters haven't experienced yet.

If you don't want to look like an ignorant fool, wait until you're in your 30s or 40s before you use this term.

7 Ironic

Usually mistakenly used instead of coincidence.

8 Hilarious

Not everything that is funny should be labeled "hilarious."

9 Poser

Not used as much anymore, but still, nobody is a poser for liking what they like. What makes a poser isn't about what they like or how they dress (unless you're wearing a band t-shirt you've never heard of or something like that). It's what they say.

For example, I know a lot of punks my age and older who call Green Day fans posers. I disagree. Liking Green Day does not make you a poser, even if you identify as "punk." But if you say ignorant stuff like, "Green Day is the best, most talented punk band ever!" while only knowing barely a handful of other punk bands, you are a poser. Get it?

10 Namaste

According to my coworker, who is from India, Americans are completely ignorant of this word and use it incorrectly.

He said the word is actually sacred and should not be thrown around so loosely. The word translates to "I bow to you."

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11 Iconic
12 Awesome

This word means "awe-inspiring."

Formerly, I really liked this word, but it has gotten so cheapened by overuse that I avoid using it. People call anything favorable "awesome" when it's hardly awe-inspiring.

13 Gay
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