Top 10 Household Items You Should Get Rid of

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1 Old clothes

It's pretty easy to get rid of old clothes, you just have to bring yourself to admit you're probably not going to wear that old T-shirt from the 1990s again. You can donate them to a local charity or find a donation bin like Disabled American Veterans place near grocery stores. If nothing else, you could donate them to a local goodwill store if the "hand me down" plan doesn't exactly work out as you were hoping.

2 Games and puzzles with missing pieces

Part of the fun with some board games is if you lost a game piece you made your own but after a while, as more and more pieces disappear, it's best to cut your losses. Monopoly is no fun without the car, dog, top hat, and the cannon gone. No one wants to be the thimble, but you can at least play the game. You don't want to lose cards though because they are harder to replace. Puzzles on the other hand are absolutely worthless if you lose even one piece.

3 Birthday cards

Yeah grandma gets the best cards, but there's no obligations for you to hold onto them for an eternity. At most they should be thrown out after a few days. You don't need to keep a bunch of cards that aren't even that useful anyway. Keep any gift cards or money, but the card itself is essentially worthless.

4 Excessive pairs of shoes

So you found the perfect shoes for that outfit you wore once a long time ago. So why not lose the shoes? You replaced your lawn mowing shoes three times but still have the other pairs sitting around. And when's the last time you ever wore those hiking boots? Go ahead and ditch those shoes. You might even be able to recycle them. You'd be surprised how much space you would save by doing so.

5 Old computers

If you have an old PC or laptop, you don't need to keep that thing around forever. Before getting rid of an old computer, there's a few things you need to beware of; make sure all your personal information has been deleted to prevent identity theft. If you have a laptop, check out what kind of battery it has so you can find out what to do with it. Some laptop batteries have special requirements for recycling.

6 Old TV remotes

When you upgrade your cable boxes or ditch it altogether, go ahead and throw the old remotes out. There is no good reason to have 5 TV remotes in your living room. Here's a hint: if it doesn't do anything, it's usually a sign that it doesn't work, and you can get rid of it.

7 Old pet toys

Little Fido is spoiled rotten with toys and treats, but don't let it get out of hand. Don't let him keep an old toy because you think it's his favorite. If it's pretty worn out and doesn't squeak, you could probably get rid of it. He'll likely find a new favorite if you get him a new toy.

I don't imagine most animals are that sentimental about it but I don't know.

8 Old glasses

Your prescription changes over time, so keeping those old glasses around isn't helping anybody. The frames might be nice, but you don't really need more than two pairs of glasses. You can donate old glasses to local donation centers. Even if you wear contacts, you can still keep a pair of glasses and wear them on occasion, but if you keep more than 2 pairs, you are going overboard.

9 Sports equipment

This is something you probably wouldn't think about but you probably should. When's the last time you used those skis? That baseball bat hasn't been touched in at least 10 years, and those old golf clubs haven't seen the light of day in 15 years. Why don't you go ahead and donate those things if you don't play those sports anymore? It's a waste of space to keep those things around.

10 Exercise equipment

Working out a gym might be a better fit for you than sitting on that exercise bike at home, so trade in that bike. There are plenty of other people thinking some exercise equipment is the perfect addition to jumpstart an effort to get in shape. You don't even use it that much anyway.

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11 Old sex toys
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