Top 10 Worst Things About the Season of Spring

Spring: rebirth, allergies, the Easter Bunny, what else could you want from a season?
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1 We let a ground squirrel decide when it unofficially starts

Let's be honest: the whole Groundhog Day um, phenomenon is weird, to begin with, but the fact that we're letting a rodent decide the weather is a deeper issue than you'd think. It started as "Candlemas," and somehow morphed into Groundhog Day. Depending on the nation, there is a go-to rhyme for this, like this example:
England- “If Candlemas be fair and bright, Winter has another flight. If Candlemas brings clouds and rain, Winter will not come again.” and somehow, we got badgers and eventually groundhogs tied into this weird foreshadowing. Why do we use the stars as the harbingers of three seasons, and a rodent for one?

2 Despite symbolizing rebirth, Spring is the time of year when suicide rises

That's right. Spring symbolizes rebirth when in reality, it is definitely the harbinger of suicide. Suicide rates rise at the tail end of the season. Usually, it is expected to be a mix between loneliness during Christmas and a failure to change that on Valentine's Day. Maybe they should update the symbolism dictionary because Spring is NOT when rebirth occurs and Winter ain't the time of year for death.

3 Spring is prime time for tornadoes in the U.S.

This list just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? Spring is the most common time for tornadoes, whereas Winter is the least common. Intense tornadoes are more likely to occur during the spring. Many of the worst tornado outbreaks have struck in April or May. Heed my warning and stay away from tornado alley (which I, unfortunately, live in) until summer.

That's the scariest part of it. Tornadoes are one of the deadliest things nature has ever came up with.

Yet another reason to hate spring. Tornadoes suck.

4 Spring babies are more likely to develop mental disorders

I'm not the type to judge you by when you were born, but if you're born in Spring, it's been shown to be more likely for a Spring baby to develop things like schizophrenia, depression, anorexia (what is that?), or bipolar disorder. Spring just ain't what it symbolizes.

Not really because some of the most ignorant neurotypical people I know were born in April and may

5 Plants come back to life... and bring your allergies with them

What would this list be without a mention of allergies? When you think about it, Spring is three months of sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. Trees and plants produce high pollen in the air as they grow again after being dormant most of the winter, so we humans have to suffer. I'm all for environmental protection and stuff like that, but this used to be taxing on me as a pint (I'd cough, sneeze, and have seizures) and this affects an estimated 35 million Americans

Dandelions... I had this very bad allergic reaction to them back in the 5th grade. But the only good thing about us being quarantined is that I don't have to worry about that anymore

6 Spring is when most breakups happen

There's some bitter irony in March being #1 for breakups, and February is a lovefest thanks to Valentine's Day. Supposedly lovebirds kind of do the "let's cuddle because we love each other" thing throughout the Winter, and once Spring comes around, they are soo sick of each other that they break up. Maybe we should move Valentine's Day to October or something.

7 Spring fever is real

We know of it as "a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of Spring," but it really is the rising temperature during the start of the Spring season, which causes is a dilation of the blood vessels so that the blood can be carried to the surface of the body, where the heat is lost quickly. So, yes, technically "Spring Fever" is a real issue.

I always get the worst fevers during the spring time.

8 Students freak out over finals

As the semester ends, more and more students panic over finals and struggling. This unfortunately includes me, currently. And if you're a parent, have fun dealing with that. Yes, fall semesters, curriculum-wise, are the same. But finals in the fall lead into a month-long break, whereas, in the spring, they lead into summer internships—or worse: Graduation into the real-world job hunt. Nothing like real life to get you to panic

Yeah, I have my exams in November (which is spring for me), that’s pretty much the time of the year I freak out the most, since I have to remember everything for each subject in a span of 3-weeks.

9 There's a spike in fatal traffic accidents in the Spring

According to a study, fatal traffic accidents increase in the week following the daylight saving time reset. The reason may possibly be connected to less sleep due to the time change. Memorial Day is also one of the most deadliest holidays when it comes to traffic-related collisions. Such a cheery season, right?

Probably due to stupid Daylight Savings since because of some idiot, we all have to lose an hour of sleep every single March.

There is always lots car accidents in the spring when daylight saving happens, probably the same most spring

10 Spring is tax season

While kids are enjoying their Spring Break and not bothering with homework, adults have to suffer through homework. This said "homework" is commonly referred to as "taxes." Get ready to hear your parents complain about having to pay bills, invest in a 401K, and all that crap. Spring's a great month, ain't it?

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11 Spring brings temperamental weather

Understatement, but I'll elaborate when I can.

12 Mosquitoes... insects... bugs

In my opinion this is worse than the weather during spring, excluding bees though since they are important and peaceful insects. Mosquitoes on the other hand are loathsome creatures as well as wasps

13 The melted snow
14 It starts getting warmer

I hate warm and hot weather. My body wasn't built for hot weather and if I step out into the sun without putting on sunscreen, there's a good 99% chance I'll get a sunburn.

Rain, snow, and clouds are good weather to me, but sunshine is bad weather and makes me feel miserable.

15 End of winter

If I had things my way, it would be fall/winter year round where I live. I hate spring since it's the end of my favorite season (which is winter).

16 Daylight Savings Time begins

I hate daylight savings time because we will head to school in the dark

17 The weather is unpredictable
18 Potholes

When the snow melts on roads, that's when it get potholes.

19 More sunburns
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