Top 10 Portrayals of Javert in Les Miserables (West End / Broadway)

This iconic character from Victor Hugo's classic has been gracing stages in the West End and on Broadway for decades, and each actor brings a unique flavor to the role. Some give Javert a haunting gravitas, while others might infuse him with a sense of misguided righteousness. Whatever the approach, it's a role that has left audiences captivated and critics pontificating.
The Top Ten
1 Philip Quast

Philip Quast is Javert when I saw the 10th anniversary at Royal Albert Hall in 1995. Perfection when I listen to the 1988 Les Misérables recording.

The definitive Javert. He delivered the best rendition of Stars in the history of the show. The determination, the obsessiveness, the power, and the seriousness really show in this legendary performance that was made popular thanks to the 10th anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall in 1995. Perfection.

I am still, 25 years later, absolutely blown away by this astounding performance, if you can even call it that. It was just Javert in the flesh standing there! No one can ever channel a character as brilliantly as our dear Philip does!

2 Roger Allam

The original that isn't really talked about. A really talented actor who gets overlooked. He had a rich baritone voice and a really scary-looking face that really milks the role and should always be remembered.

3 Earl Carpenter

Earl Carpenter's performance is great his songs was amazing when i watch his songs in Les miserbales his was amazing Le mis performance.

This man's powerful, rich baritone really makes this performance soar with such passion, aggression, and power that makes his suicide scene even more gut-wrenching. That cast in general is amazing, but Earl is so terrifying and so memorable that I couldn't resist putting him on this list.

4 Hadley Fraser

Many people love Hadley in general, but his Javert was very popular, as well as Ramin's Valjean. These two are basically the bromance that makes this combo generate such a fan following.

I've never seen or heard. I just know! If you have never heard him sing before, you are missing out! He has a cool vibrato when he sings, and he kills every role he plays, so I assume… Thanks, Hadley!

P.S.: His Grantaire is hilarious!

5 Norm Lewis

How is he not higher on the list? He is currently 6th on this list, but I'd say THAT is a mistake! His voice is so rich! I like how, in his portrayal of Javert, he isn't a villain. He just fights for what he THINKS is right. Norm Lewis's version of "Stars" does it for me. Incredible. Determined. Norm Lewis. Thanks, Norm!

While he's not the best as Javert for me, I much prefer him as the Phantom. He has made history as the first African American to play both of these parts, which is really groundbreaking. His baritone voice can be out of control at times, but still, his performance is always wonderful.

6 Jeremy Secomb

I saw this man play Javert back in 2015, and he was wonderful. I found out later that he was the understudy for Philip Quast back in Australia. No wonder he was so good! Learning from the legendary portrayal that many people look up to!

Amazing performance! I have never been moved so much by his rendition of Stars.

7 David Thaxton

His voice really took a lot of getting used to, but still, his Javert was very compelling.

A bit higher than normal, but still a beautiful rendition.

Great. Just great. Took the part to fantastic heights.

8 Killian Donnelly

Even though he just understudied for the part back in 2010, many people were really impressed with his take on the role. His rendition of "Stars" blew everyone away!

9 Bradley Jaden

Haven't seen the guy play Javert, but I saw him play Enjolras back in 2015, and he was excellent. I have heard that he's really good as Javert as well. Even though he's still very young.

Been seeing this show for over 30 years, and this man IS Inspector Javert! Just wonderful, and 1st in front of Russell Crowe ... are you kidding me!

10 Russell Crowe Russell Ira Crowe is an actor, film producer and musician. Although a New Zealand citizen, he has lived most of his life in Australia and identifies himself as an Australian.

He's underrated. His gravelly voice adds to the rawness and brutality of his role. He does an excellent job of portraying such a tragic character.

His voice in the 2012 movie production stunned me. While his voice took some getting used to, it was beautiful! His rendition of "Stars" should not be overlooked.

Perhaps not the best singer, but his acting skills as Javert are unrivaled. He looks like the Javert I imagined when I read the Hugo novel.

The Contenders
11 Michael Ball

Absolutely phenomenal. Singing, facial expressions, and acting combined to make Michael, for me, the best ever!

12 Tam Mutu

Not a favorite of mine, but he did pull off an excellent performance, and he is a very good actor.

13 Terrence Mann

Saw him in the original show. He stopped the show twice with his two solitary solo songs. Absolutely fantastic theater.

You find yourself feeling sorry for him because of his singing, even if he is a bad guy.

14 Preston Boyd

I saw him, and he was incredible! Amazing vocals and really put the emotion into the role, particularly in Javert's Suicide. He worked well with Nick Cartell as well.

15 Will Swenson
16 Stewart Clarke

Current Javert in the West End. 110% worth watching. His version of Javert's Suicide is easily the best I've ever heard, and his entire performance is just...spine-chilling. I have no words. He brings something different to the role and makes you really empathize with Javert. He's also held the final note in the suicide song for the longest I've heard (this guy's voice is great!)

17 Chuck Wagner
18 Nic Greenshields
19 Hans Peter Janssens
20 Nordin De Moor
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