Top 10 Reasons Girls are Stronger Than Boys

Wake up guys! Girls are stronger than boys and I'll prove it. Remember, muscles aren't everything!
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1 Girls deal with childbirth

Boys can lift weights, but can they give birth? No, because girls do that. Try pushing a human out of your testicle! If guys gave birth, the population would've died out long ago because they'd cry about how they don't want to do it. Or the world would be severely overpopulated because they'd start betting on who could give birth to more kids.

You know what I think? More likely, girls are emotionally stronger, while boys are often physically stronger. We don't judge people by muscles.

This is true. Only women will face childbirth.

However, I am a girl and I think BOTH genders are strong and this list is sexist.

2 Girls have it harder than boys so they get tougher from experience

There is no denying that in many countries, women have it harder. And of course, there isn't a single nation where men are oppressed.

Girls have it way harder than boys. Few countries have made women fully equal (Iceland is one). Women in the Middle East and India are oppressed, and it makes them stronger and forces them to fight for themselves.

Well, this can be true. Some men have it harder because of diseases, but women can get cancer too. Yes, but if they die, they can't share the experience.

3 Girls deal with oppression and exploitation brought by society
4 Girls can endure more things

Hark. Having a period for half your life, enduring the gut-wrenching pain of childbirth, breastfeeding, and pregnancy. Some can still just sit there and let a man harass them. Men are the stereotypical breadwinners, so therefore they get all the credit in the world. Please, men get paid more too. Are you kidding? Then men make fun of women while on their period for having an attitude. Endurance. What do men go through? Nocturnal emissions, in which they cannot feel any pain, keyword nocturnal. What the hell was our creator thinking? Fairness, people, fairness.

5 Girls deal with pervs

I had a man who lived next door to me that watched me all the time. He would come over every time I was in the shower. I didn't know how he could always tell that I was in there. I took a shower at all times of the day so it wouldn't happen, and still, it did. My friend watched him one time, and he was outside of my house with his ear on the wall so he could hear the water go on. So, I moved.

6 Girls are less likely to be prone to mental illnesses

Speaking as a boy with ADHD, I checked the facts, and yes, they're correct.

7 Girls have a lower suicide rate than boys

Boys are weaker than girls because they are more likely to commit suicide than their opposite gender, and suicide is considered cowardly. And remember, (too much) masculine pride leads to suicide! Hooray for karma!

8 Girls don't go to the ground over one kick

This isn't totally fair. A vagina is not an organ that is literally on the outside of your body. Being kicked there for guys is a lot more intense.

Kick a girl in her privates, and she'd get hurt, but kick a guy in his privates, and he'll go to the ground crying. I've seen it happen. Boys are so weak when it comes to their testicles.

The way males can't understand the pain of childbirth is the same way females can never understand the pain of a severe whack in the plums.

9 Girls have periods

Guys don't understand how a period feels because they never have any. God chose girls to deal with it because they can deal with cramps and, you know, blood dripping from you for some days.

Period cramps: A free sample of hell.

Girls have harder puberty than boys.

10 Girls spend less time complaining and more time doing

Speaking as a boy, I'm not sure if this is true, but some boys can work really hard. However, boys when they are young work harder than boys when they are older. It all depends, but girls work a lot, but I'm not a girl, so how can I judge?

People complain about how radical feminists are, but at least they don't moan about their problems without taking action. Meninists, on the other hand, are website warriors, forum fighters, keyboard cowboys.

Girls get out and take action. Guys just sit and watch football. Stupid guys.

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11 Girls survive accidents more

I think it's because girls are more cautious when they are driving, unlike boys who like showing off all the time. Boys sometimes like multitasking all the time to prove that they are Braver. They might do this by letting go of the steering wheel, going on their phone, or even reaching for the back seats while driving.

Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study to see if there is any difference between men and women survivors, and there was. Women are 77% more likely to survive a car crash than men.

12 Girls have stronger immune systems

This is possibly due to estrogen's immune-boosting influence or a number of other baseline genetic advantages.

This is true. However, it can backfire with certain diseases. It can also kill friendly cells.

13 Girls get it harder during puberty

Boys: Pee the bed, get stiff, and voices crack (don't judge, I need to know what I'm talking about) are the things boys get that girls don't.

Girls: Get cramps during periods, experience the pain of breasts growing, and overall have a very painful experience when developing and becoming women.

Yes, girls get it harder. They have periods, cramps, they get all that stuff, so I'm sorry.

14 Girls do all the work
15 Girls do not cry over every little thing

Not all guys cry over every little thing, just so you know. But I think girls cry less in this case.

It is true for me, but I am my harshest critic and I put a lot of pressure on myself.

16 Girls go through pregnancy

I think giving birth is the easy part. During pregnancy, you have to deal with vomiting, mood swings, and all that other stuff, and you need to be extra careful not to get hurt and not eat certain things. Not to mention, the baby is eating some of your food.

Yes, they have to go through pregnancy. Yes, that is sad, and yeah, I'm sorry.

17 Girls breast feed the babies

Before formula was made, girls kept the babies alive by feeding them milk. So babies have to bite our breasts and suck on them.

18 Girls guide the family path
19 Girls can handle stress better

I have finals coming up, and I'm handling the stress pretty well.

20 Girls get made fun of for having periods
21 Girls don't resort to violence, drugs and other bad vices
22 Girls work most of the time
23 Girls are blessed by biology

Girls were made to attract boys, while boys were made to go after girls. That's not anyone's fault. That's just how biology decided to make things work.

Girls have insane peripheral vision, while boys can only focus on individual things. That means girls always catch boys staring, but boys can't tell where a girl is looking. In fact, girls actually sneak more looks, but they almost never get caught. A girl who seems to look straight at a person might actually be focusing on the person next to them.

Girls are better at interpreting others' emotions because they need this in preparation for caring for babies. Girls can tell when boys lie or tell the truth, but boys usually can't say the same.

Girls can multitask better because they need to be able to do multiple things at a time while caring for children, but boys only make things worse by multitasking.

24 Girls live longer than boys
25 Girls deal with double standards
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