Top Ten Things That Would Be Needed for a Mars Colony

Wouldn't it be so badass to live on mars? These are stuff we need to achieve it. This list should SO be sent to NASA! Anyway, we can't have many people on it only researchers, ans tourists with space travel training.
The Top Ten
1 A Man-Made Water Source

Since mars has no water we'd need to drill in a lake where hail could collect since it doesn't rain. The people living there would have to melt it and then they have water to drink

"Man-Made" yes, but I think its more realistic to zap some hydrogen and oxygen.

2 A Green House

Since mars has no grass, we could get very big pots to grow plants in green houses. The only problem is we'd need to find out how to get sunlight for the underground one. We can use bulbs but they don't work as well.

There was a Mars farm simulation and there's a good chance plants will be able to grow abundantly in Mars. Because of the surplus of carbon dioxide, which would also aid in giving us some oxygen.

3 Underground City

Since the weather on mars is insane, it would be best we have an underground city to live in, just like above land, for when insane weather happens. But I think the coloney should be in northern mars because nasa says the weather is better there.

Spending so much time drilling Mars' surface simply for the purpose of settlement is both wasteful and inefficient. Begin with a base on the surface and allow us to expand it for the increased colony.

4 A Research Area

I think their should be a building just for collecting information and researching mars and all the moons, stars, and such we can find around it since in my opinion a mars colony should be for space exploration purposes.

5 Weather Resistant Housing

As I said, we'd all realistically be under one base, whose conditions would be monitored by automation.

Mars doesn't have tornadoes but they have strong winds and dust devils which look like tornadoes, and if a house breaks down then they would be in trouble because earth would have to ship them materials which might take a long time

6 Trade Route Leading to Earth

Something tells me hurdling through space in constant rotation through different orbits might make this kind of difficult.

This seems science fiction but maybe in the future when technology is advanced we can make one, and that would be good for delivering recources

7 Space Suits

Mars is mostly carbon dioxide so people on mars would need to wear tanks all the time which would suck but that's how it's going to be until we can figure out how to make mars all oxegon, and the store for just in case they need more.

Speaking realistically, we can't simply supply a sufficient amount of oxygen, we'd have to generate it naturally. Having an oxygen farm from plants would be the first step.

Air! It's more important than anything else on this list except for food and water!

8 An Airport for Visitors

I think we should make an air port or a rocket port, with rocket ships for when we go to other planets or when other planets visit them.

9 Internet
10 Exercise Equipment

Bones wouldn't get bad

The Contenders
11 Mining Equipment

Face it if we want the base to be successful we will eventually need to make materials on site : metals, glass, plastics etc so mining equipment will be essential plus equipment (furnaces, mini factories, 3d printers etc) to process said materials into equipment and infrastructure.

12 Futuristic Cities
13 Storage Facility
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