Top Ten Reasons Why Winter is Better Than Summer

Even though my birthday is during the summer (August 3rd), I still hate summer with a burning passion. The only good things about it are summer vacation and for my fellow summer babies, our birthdays. Other than that, summer can go jump off a cliff.
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1 No flies or mosquitoes

I am really, really, allergic to any bug bites, so a teeny tiny ant bite can swell up to the size of a normal mosquito bite, and a mosquito bite... well, you DON'T want to know.

I know there are the occasional moths in the winter, but it's better than the dangerous and horrid parasites known as mosquitoes, along with flies constantly buzzing around the room and landing on other people's food, along with laying it's eggs.
Also I despise wasps and hornets, because they scare me and they can be dangerous when it comes to constantly stinging. Every time I am near these types of insects, I feel frightened and uncomfortable.

I'm like an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitoes, and the bites they give me swell HORRIBLY. At least I can catch a break from skeeters in winter.

2 Christmas

It is always associated with winter.

Best time of the Winter

The best holiday

3 Less worry about sunburns

I tan. I hate it because my skin gets uneven and ugly and winter is a lot better.

I do not like sunburns

I could stay cool!

4 Getting to stay under blankets

I really like going to sleep whilst snuggling up in my bed asleep with my blankets, whilst it's winter. It makes it more easier for me to go to sleep during the winter.

I have trouble to sleep well during Summer because of the heat. During winter, I can stay under the blankets without feeling too hot. So I wholeheartedly agree with this

Maybe this is related to my autism, but I love staying under all of my blankets during the winter and hate when I can't do that during the summer.

5 No back to school commercials

Back to school commercials are annoying and they don't really need to exist, other than just an attempt to make money. At least winter doesn't have these types of ads, unlike late summer, after the holidays.

I hate seeing back to school commercials during the summer. They make me so angry to the point I want to destroy my phone or the TV to get the ads to stop.

Cool more time to watch

6 Frozen treats don't melt as fast as they do during the summer

This is one of the reasons why I eat a lot of popsicles and ice cream during the late fall and during the winter.

I hate when they melt

I love frozen treats

7 No Daylight Savings Time

On a similar note to number 4, most of winter is during Standard Time (except for March).

Makes my internal clock less out of whack without daylight savings time

8 We don't sweat much
9 The weather is nicer

Even though I don't like it when it's too freezing cold, I feel like the gloomy weather is still better than the sun being too hot in the summer. I really despise it when it's hot outside, going to the point where you can eventually get sunburn. The heat makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason.

Winter weather is a lot better than the hot, humid summer sunshine. I love seeing clouds, rain, and feeling the wind on my face. It's also pretty nice for those of you out there lucky enough to get snow every year.

As a northerner, I can't really say that. The weather is very cold and miserable for the most part, but I do like the snow and clouds.

10 It's easier to warm up than to cool down

This is THE MOST truthful thing on this list. I'm living in California, and during the wildfires, I was sitting inside in a spaghetti strap top and shorts in front of the fan. Moved away from the fan for just a minute and I was already sweating again. Meanwhile, in winter, I just put on a sweater or turn on the heater and I'm good. If I get too hot, I just take it off, and, if needed, replace it with a thinner sweater.

When it's very cold outside, all you have to do is turn on a heater, or put on some clothing and blankets to keep you warm. During the summer, it's pretty hard to cool down from the miserable heat outside, especially if there's a power outage going on.

As much as I like eating delicious icy treats in summer with the air conditioner being on to cool down, warming up during the winter feels more nicer, giving a cozy and warm vibe nearby the fire whilst having hot chocolate.

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11 There's snow days

It's so beautiful...

12 Getting better sleep

I need my sleep

13 Shorter days

The days in winter are much shorter compare to summer due to the Earth's revolution to the Sun or it's axis. When it's in winter's solstice, the Sun's light goes to the Southern Hemisphere than the Northern Hemisphere. This is the reason why winter has a shorter days. Shorter days means cooler days.

I like how it's nighttime early in the winter and even in the early morning, it's still dark. It helps me get to sleep quicker and longer.

For night owls like me, shorter days and longer nights are a blessing.

14 Winter Break

Winter break is another good thing about winter. I usually go on vacation to Florida for winter break.

Winter break is usually fun for me. I especially remember how awesome my winter break 2019 - 2020 was.

Same thing as snow days

15 No need for air conditioning
16 It is very relaxing when you feel a light breeze
17 Dark, gloomy weather can improve mood for some people

I'm one of those people. Sunny days make me angry and tired, whereas I feel pretty happy when there are dark clouds up in the sky blocking out all the sun.

I love cloudy days so much more than sunny days, I'm not exactly sure why; but cloudy or foggy weather is simply amazing.

Winter is better

18 You don't have to worry about heatstroke

Unless you live in a place that gets really hot in the winter (like me tragically), you don't have to worry about getting heatstroke during the winter.

I have cancer in winter

19 Skiing Skiing can be a means of transport, a recreational activity or a competitive winter sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow.
20 Snowball fights

Are so much fun

21 Ice-skating
22 Fewer criminals outside

I'm the criminal

23 Sledding
24 You get to play with snow
25 Building snowmen
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