Best Styles of Architecture

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1 Neoclassical architecture

Absolutely the most beautiful style of architecture ever made. It brings beauty to any city through great aesthetic and good design. Although I admit modern interiors are way better than classical interiors, Neoclassical exteriors are completely incomparable to modern architecture, putting every new building to shame.

The architectural style that began in the mid-18th century is a more modern form of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The buildings in this style are so awesome. It's my favorite architectural style.

2 Modern architecture

My favorite architecture style by miles, and definitely the best looking.

I disagree with another person who commented on this item and described it as 'boring'. Modern architecture is often simple, but that definitely doesn't mean it's boring. Simple things can be nice.

I dislike traditional architecture because it's so fussy and complex, making it look and feel unpleasant.

Modern architecture is great and aesthetically pleasing.

3 Renaissance/Enlightenment architecture

Architecture from the 1400s to the 1700s is a very beautiful style.

4 Gothic architecture

This style features many churches and castles from the medieval ages found all across Germany, France, the Czech Republic, etc.

5 Victorian architecture

Many impressive buildings were built from the mid-1800s to early 1900s. This era is known as the Victorian era.

Assassin's Creed games make me fall in love with this type of architecture.

They had style and built sturdy structures.

6 Classical architecture

Also known as classical architecture, the ancient Greeks and Romans had lots of great buildings.

7 Islamic architecture

Many buildings that were built during the Muslim Golden Age (8th century to 14th century) have really good domes. In fact, some of the best-domed buildings are found here.

8 Futuristic architecture

Architecture that is very futuristic. Although it is very impressive, it is still in its early form, so we don't know what's to come yet.

Honestly, future architecture can be a combination of what's popular at the time.

9 Byzantine architecture

Just like Islamic architecture, Byzantine architecture also has great domes. Many Byzantine-era and Byzantine-esque buildings are awesome, especially with their domes. It represents the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures and civilizations.

10 Brutalist architecture

A style of architecture that became popular in the mid-20th century, it is a form of modernist architecture. Despite the gloomy and depressing nature of some of these buildings, as well as the odd features of some others, they are quite impressive.

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11 Art Nouveau
12 El Morro architecture
13 Art deco architecture
14 Tudor architecture
15 Sudano-Sahelian architecture
16 Streamline Moderne architecture
17 Googie architecture
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