Notable Traits of Evil People

Basically, a list that deconstructs on what makes a person evil. Breaking down why figures like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vlad the Impaler, Nero and many others were able to stand out, despite their shared display of being, well, bad people.
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1 Sadism

Case in point, an individual targets a victim. The victim is beaten, tortured, bullied and possibly more. Why? Because the attacker wanted pleasure and enjoyment out of it.

Sadists are rare to encounter as that particular kind of nature tends to be displayed only when an attacker has full authority over the victim and the environment around. Various serial killers are known to indulge themselves simply to entertain themselves.

Common on serial killers, with notable examples being H.H. Holmes, Peter Kurten and Jeffrey Dahmer.

2 Lack of Empathy

Someone doesn't express concern, care or simple feelings for anybody in the slightest. What is given is a stoic, cold and expressionless personality that seems borderline creepy.

A notable trait among psychopaths (Though not all of them are criminals). While they are unable to express general emotion, they can compensate for presenting a believable facade to lure and screw other people over.

A common trait for a psychopath.

People who don't have empathy have no idea what's it like to be in people's shoes (have the same problems as people). This is why God is telling us to be nice to others.

3 Narcissism

Having the grandiose feeling of thinking yourself as being better than everyone, or at it's most logical extreme, thinking of yourself as a God. While not every narcissist is an evil guy, a good amount of them still are, and are largely unrepentant of what they do and think, highlighting the individual's selfishness.

4 Depravity

In the end, for all that is displayed, the ultimate judging factor for one's evilness is depravity. The most evil people in the world are the ones who are purely and absolutely deprived; they are morally and pathologically brutal, they commit irredeemable actions willingly and for pleasure and they display no mutual respect and love towards anyone and anything but themselves.

Peter Scully is a textbook example of absolute depravity.

5 Abuse

Self-explanatory. It doesn't matter who the victim is; animals, children, people of different skin colours, political allegiance, sexual orientation and persona preferences, abuse can come in all these forms and it only highlights how much of a scum abusers can be.

On a personal scale, Joszef Barsi. On a grander scale, Nero and Caligula.

Abuse is wrong & also very cruel on So many levels. Abusing a baby would be even worse!

That's also depends on people suffered from abuse when they're little, but still it's unexcusable!

6 Disregard for Others

You can put your needs first without being selfish though because if you can't take care of yourself, then how are you going to take care of others. But you do need to take care of your loved ones though.

Everything is but an obstacle or item for one's own gain. Work acquaintances, friends, family, everybody is expendable. All this person ever care about is him/herself; everyone be damned. In some cases, there are nihilists who'll even depreciate themselves and think of themselves as trash alongside everyone else.

7 Superiority

Superiority in any way possible; racism, political power, gender, even other trivial matters. A person can reach high levels of depravity solely if driven by the feeling of wanting to be better or proclaiming yourself as above of something.

Adolf Hitler is an easy example.

No one is superior except for God himself!

8 Ambition

Ambition as in a more darker take. How one is more driven and crazed to do a vile act is a fuelling factor for one's depravity. Even normal acts like gaining leadership, completing an objective and collecting something can be done by committing something terrible.

Once again, Hitler is a noted case study.

I thought ambition is a good thing.

9 Envy

Envy & jealous may be the same thing, but being jealous means that your just jealous of your self because you are bring protective of what you have. Envy is being jealous of others & want what they are having very obsessively.

10 Lack of Remorse

Wow! This is one of the worst traits that anyone could ever have. Yes there is sin, but we should repent by asking God to forgive us. I mean, doesn't anyone have a heart. This why God is very angry with sin!

Similar to the lack of empathy, though both remorse and empathy frequently overlap. The lack of remorse shown by an individual is a showing sign of someone's drive in committing evil acts and/or psychopathy.

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11 Hatred
12 Stupid
13 Sexism
14 Hypocrisy

Hypocrites will always be exposed & also be brought to justice by God, eventually.

15 Charisma

Not every bad person is charismatic, but this is a notable trait for a psychopath, being able to blend into society looking and acting like a normal person is creepy and unpredictable to say the least.

I also thought charisma is a good thing.

16 Arrogance
17 Ignorance
18 Angry
19 Unjust

This is why we should treat others the way we would like to be treated because we may be different but we are the same human race: different skin colour but bleed the same blood. God made us very different in his image but he still loves us equally. ❤

They're not fair and don't treat everyone equally.

20 Moody
21 Condescending
22 Racism
23 Greed
24 Naughty
25 Spoiled
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