Top 10 Things You Should Never Do at a Funeral

Funerals are very serious things. Don't go to one and do any of these things. (Also, if you're actually going to one soon, you might want to save this for later.)
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1 Laugh

This should be at number 2 or 3 since "Sit on the dead person" and "Start a fight" is on there. This is very disrespectful to the deceased person, as well as his/her family and friends.

What the heck why is this not #1 if you laugh at a funeral not only will you get the stink-eye from everyone, they will also yeet you to Mars.

Unless it's the funeral of a serial killer, pedophile, rapist, or gang member.

2 Fart
3 Sit on the dead person

Well, I can't say I disagree, but if they're in a coffin, how would you even hope to accomplish this?

Do you want to have everyone joke about it then sitting on your dead body?

4 Blast a very loud heavy metal song

My uncle was a metalhead and his last wish was to have Metallica, Megadeth and Alice in Chains played at his funeral. We granted him that wish and held his funeral as a celebration of his life like he wanted. Nothing wrong if that's what the deceased person wants.

Rock on, uncle Jeff! I'll never forget the glorious days of jamming out and going to metal concerts with you.

my dad wanted Thunderstruck by AC/DC played at his funeral; it was granted and played. The mourners smiled and headbanged along, all the time saying. "Typical Dave" It it is what the deceased requests, then anything should be played in respect.

Unless if it's a song the deceased people wants to be played at their funeral.

5 Fall asleep

I think this is worse than farting because it's usually easier to avoid and harder to ignore.

A little disrespectful

6 Make jokes

You shouldn't makes jokes, even if it has nothing to do with the funeral or the deceased person. Funerals are events that are sad and a tribute to the deceased.

"I hate how funerals are at 9 am, I'm not really much of a mourning person".
But in all seriousness, funerals are not really a place to tell jokes.

If you're like me and have a clearly vivid sense of humor, it's not exactly a great idea to exert it at a funeral.

7 Read this list
8 Read a book

Again, this is deemed as disrespectful by most people.

Yeah, this a sign of boredom and not caring.

9 Start a fight

Funerals are not supposed to be violent. If a fight occurs, then it is considered filler and very offensive towards the deceased person along with his/her family and friends.

Note: Why is there a picture of cats fighting instead of humans or stick figures?

10 Burp

Same idea as farting. It's just bad manners anyway.

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11 Go on social media

Really, social media is a headache anyways, and you can check out whatever it is later.

12 Get drunk

I imagine a lot of people actually might do this but it could lead to some serious problems.

13 Speculate on who will be next

Possibly the worst thing to do at a funeral. I might want this to happen at mine!

I'm surprised neither I or anyone else thought of this.

14 Eat a snack

Not as bad as burping or cutting some cheese, but still, funerals are supposed to be pretty silent. If you have hypoglycemia, I suppose it's okay, but still...

It depends. If it's good, you can as long as you make sure to be quiet.

15 Blame someone
16 Listen to loud music
17 Stream Netflix on your phone

You really shouldn't have your phone with you if this is what you use it for.

18 Watch YouTube

Same idea as Netflix

19 Play video games
20 Get the Coronavirus
21 Badmouth the deceased
22 Claim the deceased is in hell
23 Cry on the body
24 Arrive late

One thing that most shows that you didn't care about them enough.

25 Cough

Mostly on the corpse

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