Top 10 Awards Given for Negative Things

Most awards are given for positive things the "best" movies, the "best" pieces of music the most groundbreaking discovery's in various fields etc. However some awards are given as a prize for the wrong things. Here are some of these feel free to add more.
The Top Ten
1 Golden Raspberry Awards

For the "worst" movies and actors etc. Also known as the razzies. 3 people have won both a razzie and an oscar in the same year Alan Menken, Brian Helgeland and Sandra Bullock. It has faced some criticism for only trashing the most famous bad movies and for the fact that members of the Raspberry foundation are not required to actually watch the nominated movies.

Of course. Cats won worst movie of 2019.

2 Ig Nobel Prize

A prize for unusual and often fairly trivial achievements in scientific research. Examples include finding that the presence of humans tends to sexually arouse ostriches, or that hamsters recover from jet lag faster when given Viagra. Sir Andre Geim has the honor of having won such a prize for the magnetic levitation of a frog's leg along with a Nobel prize for his work on the electromagnetic properties of graphene.

3 Pigasus Award

An award for paranormal or psychic fraud. Examples of winners include Colin A. Ross who claimed that he can shoot electromagnetic radiation from his eyes, The Pentagon for spending $6,000,000 to find out if burning a photo of a Soviet missile would destroy the missile and Sheldan Nidle who predicted the end of the world on the 17 December 1996 and then claimed that it came but that we were all unaware of it.

4 Golden Fleece Award (1975-1988)

Awarded to US government organizations for wasting public money. Often awarded for research that the awards creator William Proxmire deemed pointless for example a study that compared aggressiveness of sunfish that drank tequila as opposed to gin. ($103,000). The 1985 inauguration committee won it for spending $15.5 million on the 2nd inauguration of Ronald Reagan.

5 Darwin Awards

An award for someone who dies or is rendered sterile due to their stupidity thus improving the human gene pool. It has been noted by the British medical journal that 88.7% of winners are male. I must admit I don't really approve of it as stupid as the people might be this is pretty cruel.

This is a very inhumane award rather than making a huge difference and establishing a true purpose for this atrocious award.

6 Dubious Acheivement Awards Esquire
7 Least Influential People in the World

Likely a parody of Times most influential people list. Several versions exist but GQ has the most popular version. Focuses on famous people who it seems have done the least to deserve it.

I bet Kim Kardashian won this award.

8 Wooden Spoon

Awarded to a team that finishes last. I think in boat races. Thanks whoever added this.

The Australian football (AFL) team who finishes on the bottom of the ladder is also said to have won the wooden spoon. It's probably the most historical and most widely-used on this list

9 Doublespeak Award

Given by the US National Council of Teachers of English to public speakers "who have perpetuated language that is grossly deceptive, evasive, euphemistic, confusing, or self-centered". Several awards have gone to US presidents of course Donald Trump is one of them.

10 Douglas Wilkie Medal

Presented by the Anti Football League to those who do the least for Australian Rules Football in the best and fairest manner. An example of a winner was 74 year old Brian Troy of Melbourne who throughout his entire life had never attended an Australian football match.

The Contenders
11 Golden Mullet Award

Given to the video games deemed the worst by reviewers.

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