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1 Swag

Ugh, every time I hear this word, I get a visual of Justin Bieber looking as douchey as possible. If the word itself had a face, it would be Vanilla Ice covered in tattoos, rocking a Mac 10 pattern purple hoodie complete with skinny jeans, a white belt, and accessories, right down to the Yeezys.

I don't know what it is, but the sound is unpleasant to the ear - the roundness of it. SWAG! It's obtuse. Just saying it contorts the face in such a way that it makes me want to punch it repeatedly. It is impossible to say without looking like a total poser.

Every time I hear the word uttered, I have the uncontrollable urge to pounce and headbutt that person to death, be it a grown man or child - it doesn't matter. I hate this word. I hate it so much that I intentionally searched "People who say swag piss me off" just so I can rant about it.

A word that only sounds cool to people desperately trying to fit in. Swag is Drake trying to look like a tough guy. Swag is your dad throwing up a peace sign while snapping an embarrassing selfie for Facebook. I can go on, but now I'm all worked up.

2 Yolo

YOLO! Okay, so because you only live once, might as well do every possible stupid thing you can, eh? Let's go skydiving because, you know, YOLO! Let's jump off this cliff into the water because, you know, YOLO. Instead of doing something stupid because, you know, YOLO, I think this word would be better used in a context like wearing my seatbelt because YOLO. Like, for real.

There was this annoying girl (thank God she finally left my class) who used to say YOLO like nobody's business. It was absolutely annoying. If people want to live life to the fullest and do things that could easily kill them because you only live once, then they should at least know that they could easily end their only life the way they're living it right now.

3 Noob/N00b/Newb

The word "noob" has been around since the mid-2000s, and many video game players (online) used it. It was also more famously used by an NPC in Oreburgh City in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Let me say that this word hasn't aged well through time, and the word has gotten worse throughout the years, like in one Simpsons episode where Marge says the word repeatedly. Keep in mind the episode aired in late 2018. I just wish the Simpsons would stop being "hip with the kids."

Actually, they just think that the word "noob" means stupid or something, but "noob" is short for "newbie," which means being new at something. This annoying kid in my class says I'm a noob for deciding not to ditch my friends at the pool just to go on his trampoline. The kid's 13. What he basically said to me was, "You are new at something because you won't go on my trampoline." Shut up. It's stupid.

4 N****

It's used between black people. It basically means "brother". There is a reason why they say this. When black people were mostly slaves (which is awful and disgusting) they were called this. They use it in a way to show that they are "brothers" and that they are in this together. It's a nasty word but it should only be used by black people to show respect. I'd wish they'd just say "brother" or "friend" though.

The most offensive swear word ever. It all started back in the 1700s when blacks were referred to as "negros." Over time, the word became anglicized. Then, a new genre of music called rap began to emerge, and some people found the word appealing, so they incorporated it into their music without realizing its offensive nature. As rap gained popularity, this word was frequently used. So, we can thank rap for rhyming with "crap."

5 Gay

This is a stupid slang word. It's one of the most stupid. Why does it mean "stupid" in slang? It honestly is an insult to me as a gay male. I hate the word so much, even when my family uses it, I hate it. Why is it even used?

It makes me question, "Why is being gay considered stupid?" It's not stupid. Using the word in this way feels like a direct attack on gay men. People who insult others with it are just dumb, or think they are cool and masculine, so they call everything gay - which is most straight men.

Gay people are just like you and me. Whenever someone says that something I did is "gay," I just turn around and say, "So, is there something wrong with gay people?" Three people I know are gay, and they are really good friends of mine. "Gay" went from meaning happy to meaning men liking men, and now it's often used to mean something stupid. Nothing is gay. It's just either a little different or stupid, not gay.

6 Bae

Each and every time I see this word in written form, I get so frustrated and feel my intelligence drop. It should not even exist. Why in the world does someone decide to shorten the word "Babe," a short form of baby (in replacement of girlfriend), that's already one simple syllable, to "Bae"?

It sounds so, so, so... It's not "cool" or "sleek." It just makes you (the person who writes it) look dumb and illiterate.

Obviously, I hate the word.

I think this may be my all-time least favorite word. It essentially bastardizes love by shortening the phrase "Before anyone else" into a three-letter, one-syllable piece of text slang! If you actually care about your significant other, try saying something that takes a little more effort to say than you're obviously giving your relationship.

7 Dope

It originally was another word for marijuana. People on the street would say it, so kids and teenagers started saying it to sound "cool."

A dope is a drug that Lance Armstrong used. A dope can also be a stupid person. It is not an adjective describing something that's somewhat cool.

I think that you guys know what this word means. At this point, it's too stupid to use.

8 Cray

At first, I didn't realize that this was starting to become a new slang word until I started hearing it on TV shows such as "Gravity Falls" and other shows. I don't like it. I'd prefer using the word "whack" instead. If someone were to ever use the word in my presence, I would firmly tell them to never say that word around me ever again!

I hate this word. It's not "Cray-Cray"; it's "Crazy!" I think this is more offensive to people with mental health conditions than the word "retarded." Give a thumbs up if you agree (but you don't have to).

9 Bruh/Bruhh

It's a fly on top of a poo-cake that is the meme culture. It's on the same level as the balls=courage equation. I hate this word with passion.

It not only stands for the regressive caveman mentality bruh/bro culture. Every subtle emotion and reaction that the English language can describe is replaced by this word when someone decides to use it. It reflects the unwillingness of men to try and empathize with the person they are trying to interact with and/or understand complex emotions from experiences they go through and verbalize them so they can learn anything from them. It's lazy, exclusive, uninviting, and most of all, it reeks of testosterone.

10 Homie(s)

This word is WAY over the top and overused. It's an old way to address people who are in your gang (I hope you're not in one) or people you are acquainted with. Again, it's a stupid word. If it ever should be included in a proper dictionary, a red light will flash in my brain, signaling "END OF WORLD!"

No one beyond the suburbs should say homie.

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11 Twerk

This is just, oh, I can't even. I don't know anything about it except that a) white girls can't do it, and b) I can't do it. But what I do know is "big booty, big booty, big booty." Some are just twerkhards. Haha, who am I kidding? TWERK.

I hate this word and the dancing. It's gross and ugly. I am so glad I'm not the only female who looks down on this revolting monstrosity.

Twerking is stupid and not a dance move. It's called "sexual provocation."

12 Shorty

When I was young, a shorty was just a bit of a teasing nickname for parents, grandparents, or any adults to call their kids, relatives, or anyone else. Now it's apparently a nickname for your girlfriend? It's usually said by the whitest of white boys, too (looking at you, Bieber!).

I understand that it's a word not intended for me, but come on. Do you really think your girl appreciates being called short? What if she's taller than you (looking at you AGAIN, Bieber!)?

Shorty is supposed to mean "girl" because, in many cases, girls are smaller than boys. I'm not being sexist. This is mostly stereotypical. However, this doesn't mean that girls are always shorter than boys. There are instances where you may find a 4'5" girl who stopped growing at 14.

13 Hootie

I don't know what this means, and quite frankly, I don't care. A lot of people have that word that grates on their nerves. Some don't like the word "poop" and can't stand the word "flesh." "Hootie" is the perfect combination of sounds to instantly annoy me.

I watched a season of Top Chef once and had to turn it off because of a stupid middle-aged black hipster who kept shouting, "Hootie hootie ho!" for some reason. I wanted to punch her.

For those of you who don't like this word based on how it sounds, just imagine they said "hoodie," then they will be talking about your favorite jumper!

14 Ratchet

A ratchet can refer to two things:

1. A ratchet is a device that consists of a bar or wheel with a set of angled teeth. It engages with a pawl, cog, or tooth, allowing motion in only one direction.

2. A ratchet can also describe a situation or process that is perceived to be deteriorating or changing steadily in a series of irreversible steps.

It is not an adjective describing something bad. That would be "wretched."

How is this not the number one spot? The first time I heard this, I was completely confused. I was trying to figure out how the girl in question was like a tool I use on a daily basis. Hearing this makes me not want to live on this planet anymore.

15 Word

A lot of this I can see. However, slang like "word," "that," or "Holmes" is, to me, an homage to 90's rap, which I actually find culturally significant. Is rap as skilled of an art as writing and mastering a symphony or metal song? No. But it still requires skill to make and sell, and it is basically the first music to get so mainstream that, unlike music before it, it began to transcend skin color and ethnicity later in its vogue, so to speak.

As silly as the words left over from rap may seem to me, they mark a more tolerant North America... WORD!

16 Like

Correct uses of this word:

"Like" used as a verb:
- I like potatoes.
- Do you like video games as much as I do?

"Like" used as a preposition:
- He wants to be like Tim Tebow.
- I am sick of being treated like a child.

"Like" used as a conjunction:
- I felt like I was kicked in the shins.

Incorrect uses of this word:

"Like" as a meaningless filler:
- I, like, want to, like, go to the, like, movies.

"Like" in the place of "said":
- My teacher was like, "In the Stone Age, people were hominids."

17 Dawg

I never use this unless I'm trying to be stupid.

It amazes me how people can't spell dog correctly.

Can people just call others "person" or "someone"?

18 OMG

It is actually offensive to Jews and Christians. Now, Christianity is taken too lightly to the point where Christians are offended literally every day, with people not even having the intent to do so. I may seem overbearing with this, but that saying is more like profanity. Say "Oh my stars" or "Goodness gracious" instead. Christianity is not some jokey religion. Know and learn about what you are saying.

Thou shalt not take thy Lord's name in vain. This word downplays how serious it is to break a commandment.

19 Legit

Like legit. This word is legit the worst. Gosh. Save us all some air and stop using it for words like legit. Go die in a hole if you want to be legit.

Apparently, when I said the word "legit" back in seventh grade, my friend told me I didn't seem like the type of person who'd say that.

Legit can mean two things.

1. Legal
2. Honest

I don't know what people assume the definition is, but it's clearly not what's in the dictionary.

20 Duh

I never used this. I would be ashamed! This was supposed to make fun of people who don't know the obvious. But now it actually makes the person saying it look dumb.

"Girl, did you hear about that new Taylor Swift album?! Like, she's so pretty and cool. Her music is my life!"
"Actually... no. And I don't really like her music..."
"What!? Oh my gawd, you didn't know?! She's the best! Duh. You're totes cray cray. Ugh. You're so weird. You have no taste. All the other musicians suck!"

That's how one girl at my school is, and today she started crying because she lost her lollipop before she could eat it.

21 Twenty-Wan

It's completely random and absolutely makes no sense!

This might be offensive to Asian people.

22 Dat

I truly don't believe that half the people who type this word on the internet would actually say it like this if they were speaking the sentence out loud.

Okay, I thought all of the words here were dumb and immature, but this is the worst to me. I mean, that is not really difficult to spell. It is only four letters.

Ya got that right! Just ask me, I will tell you. Laugh out loud. Heard that one before? Don't you just love it when people slaughter the King's English?

23 Bestie

I hate this word! Why can't you just say that you'd like to have sex with her? Why do you have to mention the fact that she's a mother? That's messed up.

25 Badass
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