Top Ten Worst Things About the Murder of Cannon Hinnant

On Sunday August 9th 2020, 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant was murdered by being shot in the head by 25-year-old Darius Sessoms. On August 11th, a GoFundMe page was set up for the Hinnant family that quickly reached its goal. Unfortunately though, not everyone on the Internet was as supportive as they could have been, and unsurprisingly enough, revealed their true selves to the world in the Hinnant's time of loss...
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1 Cannon's Death Being Undermined Because of Racial Double Standards

This shows the bias of the media which has been lying to us all this time. Like that bodycam footage from one of the cops that arrested Floyd, if they didn't hide it for so long, maybe all this destruction and these deaths could of been avoided. At some point, they will have to be held accountable for all of this.

If the roles in this murder were reversed, a 25-year-old white male murdering a black 5-year-old, the public outcry now would be insane, but it's just not being treated as a big deal and as a joke for some odd reason...

2 Cannon's Death Being Justified Through Conspiracy Theories

One such random theory, and I quote: I have heard from very trusted sources that the Hinnant family are active Klan members. Justifying the murder of a child is bad enough, but then making up obvious lies about his family? Geez.

BLM would do anything to turn Darius Sessoms into the victim, because that's what they do, they want to make all black people feel like victims even though they are not victims and make them think white people are evil somehow.

3 The Facebook Page Justice for Darius Sessoms Being Set Up

Darius Sessoms murdered poor Cannon Hinnant. It should be: Justice for Cannon Hinnant, not the other way around. The group's opening statement apparently read: Darius Sessoms has been accused of a heinous act that he didn't commit. This is all propaganda from the far-right Trump propaganda machine to make black people look bad. We cannot sit idly by while our president plays fast and loose with the laws. That's why we need to back Darius against these outrageous allegations.

The only justice he deserves is a life sentence in prison or execution.

4 "Fact Checking Sites" Spreading Misinformation About the Murder

Such sites such as and BuzzFeed have tried to divert the facts of the case without genuine proof. Almost everything time something like this happens, it's turned back around into political misinformation by these sites.

It blows my mind that websites like these and those "reporters" are still allowed to post their articles.

5 Cannon's Death Being Mocked

Two such examples: Too agile for a hanger, but not for a bullet. - Drew Lacey.

I'd feel worse about his death if he didn't have such a stupid name. A cannon gets shot? Seems like his dad was asking for it. - Shannon Gero.

People who make fun of an innocent child's death are no better than the man who shot that child.

6 Cannon's Death Being Blamed on Poor Parenting
7 Darius Sessoms' Actions Being Defended

Darius Sessoms murdered a 5-year-old by shooting him the head, according to the Hinnant family, in front of his two sisters, and some members of Black Lives Matter are trying to defend him.

Black Lives Matter are basically the black equivalent of the Klan.

8 Cannon's GoFundMe Page Being Mocked

So a thug being killed by a police officer gets to have a GoFundMe page, but Cannon shouldn't? BLM rioters are such hypocrites. They just want black privilege.

9 Darius Sessoms Being Described as Being Provoked by Cannon Hinnant

Because apparently, a 5-year-old provoking a 25-year-old man into shooting him is the problem here...

That seems like one of the worst reasons so shoot a child.

10 Darius Sessoms Being Described as a Political Prisoner

Because apparently, being arrested for a murdering a 5-year-old is political.

If he wasn't black or if the kid was black, BLM and the media wouldn't be making it political.

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