Top 10 Most Boring Classics in History

Some classic literature, movies, or stuff in history just aren't all that worthy of praise. Here is the considered list of the most boring classics in history.
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1 Romeo and Juliet (Play)

The only reason Shakespeare is so overrated is because he did his writings in an era with very less competition.
There's no creativity or flexibility in his works, Romeo and Juliet is boring and rigid, Merchant Of Venice is a bland torture, etc etc.
Certainly, just because someone did something that was "first" or "great" for its time period, doesn't necessarily mean you have to admire it. Take Galen of Pergamon for instance, the most famous physician in medical history, his works revered and reputation untouched for more than 1,300 years. Everything he wrote about human body was wrong, but people/doctors blindly followed his works until Renaissance anatomist Andrea Vesalius discovered that and spoke out against him.

Need I say more? William Shakespeare maybe a good poet. He isn't always a very good storyteller though. And before you bash me, Othello had more cunning drama then this overly praised script, especially since the characters aren't all pretty precious faces in Italy and had unique details about them and their conflicts.

I only liked the movie with Leonardo Di Caprio, the book just seems way too dated and I seriously can't understand a single word out of the play.

I actually kinda liked Romeo and Juliet.

2 Lord of the Flies (Novel)

A bunch of prep boys end up on an island and start killing each other for "symbolism". All the characters are typical bland school boys picking on a fat kid. The deaths probably did not need to happen as it makes the story anticlimatic.

I've never read Lord of the Flies, but I've heard it's very good.

3 A Farewell to Arms (Novel)

What is this novel, really? All I can see is a forgettable war story and it's not even told good. You can read it if you want, but I suggest you don't if you don't want to lose brain cells reading plain words on a page.

4 Carrie (Novel)

Considering that this was Stephen King's first novel, of course it's going to be bad. But the characters remind me of a girl version of Lord of the Flies--school students pick on a fat kid. It even says so in the book: "She was a slightly chunky girl with pimples on her neck, back, and buttocks". The events through both the book and movie are outrageous. We are forced to feel bad for Carrie and feel grateful that she released Hell on everyone, like she just got out of a concentration camp. Who gets picked on THIS BADLY (by an entire town)? Who gets to kill off an entire town and get away with it? Anticlimactic, a bad revenge story, in my opinion. It reads like, "Let's bullyz Carriez! We're meen girlz, dat's what we do in dis storyz!"

5 1984 (Novel)

There are better apocalytic dystopian stories in movies and books, and this is isn't one of them.

6 The Wizard of Oz (Movie)
7 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (Movie)

The series is cheesy, and I'd rather watch Disney's Tarzan than this trash.

8 Jingle Bells (Song)

Thankfully, we have innovated in terms of Christmas spirit, Christmas ideas, and even weird Christmas foods, movies and specials. To do a cover of Jingle Bells is like a 3rd grader being forced to try to sing in a school choir during a Christmas play so that parents can take selfies with their kids to unintentionally embarrass them in front of their teenage friends in the future.

9 The Giving Tree (Book)
10 The Bible (Book)
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11 Annie (Musical)

A happy fairytale story about a poor girl that gets rich and lives happily ever after. Somehow, even though she's an orphan and Ms. Hanigan, her orphan holder, hates her, she doesn't die. The main character is annoying. I don't know why they still do the plays in school. The very first play of Annie from 1976 did not perform well, so you could not imagine how much more boring and worse it used to be before they replaced some actors.

12 Rubik's Cube (Toy)
13 Pride and Prejudice (Novel)
14 The Odyssey (Poem)
15 The Catcher in the Rye (Novel)
16 Fantasia (Movie)
17 Metroid 1 (Game)
18 Earthbound Zero / Mother 1 (Game)
19 Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest (Game)
20 To Kill a Mockingbird (Novel)
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