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1 Liv

I love her! she's my favorite along with maddie but they are overhated SO STOP HATING ON THEM

I LOVE HER she's so overhated just because she wants fame and steals attention dosen't make her annoying

She is a mary-sue... Think about it! She is smart, good at drawing, an actor, singer, famous, pretty, and a good dancer! Even in one episode she took the ONE thing her sister was good at (basketball), and totally nailed it in order for a basketball role! Also, her entire family favors her over her twin, it's annoying!

She is hilarious and talented, she is way more entertaining than most characters in the show and probably has the best personality in the rooney family in my opinion.

2 Maddie

Liv annoys me but I like maddie

It is funny how they say " bam! What?! "!

Maddie because I could relate to her cause I'm a basketball player

Maddie is my favorite basketball player! I like maddie

3 Ruby

Ruby you and liv are the only ones how can sing it loder!

4 Karen

Disney channel moms are my favorites! I don't like her as much as I like Amy Duncan, but she is so charming and hilarious!

She kind of annoyed me, amy duncan was great but I never liked karen much

I JUST WANNA BE PART OF YOUR LIFE- one of Karen's lines

You know me and my roses, I just care too mulch

5 Aunt Dena
6 Stains

Stains is just so funny

7 Diggie
8 Joey

Joey is gross and diggie doesn't deserve maddie after he broke her heart and came back after he got jealous when he saw her happy with josh.

After liv and Maddie he's the best one on the show...

"Los gatitos is espanol for the kitties!" -Joey

Ha ha ha

9 Andie

Andie is my 2nd favorite. (Since Cathy Can ain't on here) Andie is super cool & is a great character on the show. I hope they put her in a episode from season 4.


10 Parker

Parker is so funnyand he sings that Lisa and heather song and sometimes he says challenge especially.

He is the best and he is nice and he gets excited sometimes.

Parker is awesome


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11 Ocean

Her name is so beautiful. It was mean of Liv to call her a pity friend

12 Dump Truck

WOAH HEY YO is like the only thing he says he's such a cool guy he's awesome

He's so cool

13 Kylie Kramer

Anyone who tries to get Liv arrested is on my good side.

14 Pete
15 Val

I wasn't a fan of Val in the first few episodes,but I grew to like her slightly more and more,she is now one of my favorites. 😊

Oh come on guys, Val is perf!
She is a smart, super pretty, talented,very sweet and far from dumb like most caracters
Most caracters are stupid Val is so higher then all the caracters

Go Chloe East! U are my roll model girl🐱 keep on bring awesome 😎

16 Josh
17 Artie
18 Johnny Nimbus
19 Willow

I love willow

20 Gemma

She is like "Look at me. Closer. I love your hair." She is super funny and a great director

She is super funny

21 Holden
22 Rooney's Grandma

Shes great

23 Falcon
24 Lacey
25 Evan
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