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1 Living in a Box Living in a Box

A man who knows this song, knows everything about classic tracks!

Even my younger brother loved this

6/10 but (number 1 song)

This a song of my life

2 Blow the House Down Blow the House Down

Definitely the most underrated best song

A very good song that should be number 1 here.

This song is great

Should beat on living in a box lol.

3 Scale of Justice Scale of Justice

This song is awesome, vote it!

This song is great, put in 1#

This song is cheesy! but cold be the best song of the entire list.

4 Room in Your Heart

Good track it could be number 3 at least come on people vote it.

The room is on my heart.

Should get the number 5 easily

My father loves diss son'

5 So the Story Goes

So well written song. - pLix33

This is one of the cheesiest oldies songs with the best videos I gotta admit it.

I love this song is one of my mom's favorites

This song is cheesy to listen it with some friends but I reckon its Box's best

6 The Day After Tomorrow Night
7 Unique
8 Touch Sensitive
9 Love is the Art

Another misunderstood one - pLix33


10 Different Air
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Top Remixes

1. Living in a Box
2. Different Air
3. Scale of Justice
1. So the Story Goes
2. Blow the House Down
3. Love is the Art
1. Scale of Justice
2. Living in a Box
3. Blow the House Down


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