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Living in a Box Living in a Box Cover Art

A man who knows this song, knows everything about classic tracks!

This is good a song to food fought agains our brothers to left the classroom indeed so hited by the way to really unfunk this kind of classy guys to retype the unbelievable memorable acting to Grand canyon gut but lick on the grass-grade on!

their most iconic song, no doubt! it was clearly included as one of the main songs from the 1980s decade on the Non-Stop Pop Radio. from Grand Theft Auto V 2013

Their definitely most well knowed song, also you cand find this song in Grand Theft Auto 5
i remember it was on the pop music radio station but I unfortunely don't remember its name - 80sGreatestOffice

So the Story Goes So the Story Goes Cover Art

So well written song. - pLix33

The introduction is pretty decent in my opinion. It could be number 2 at least...

Beautiful song

I love this song is one of my mom's favorites

Blow the House Down Blow the House Down Cover Art

Definitely the most underrated best song

This song is great

A very good song that should be number 1 here.

Should beat on living in a box lol.

Room in Your Heart Room in Your Heart Cover Art

Good track it could be number 3 at least come on people vote it.

Should get the number 5 easily

Should be 3 and not that boring Blow the House down song.

The room is on my heart.

Scale of Justice Scale of Justice Cover Art

This song is cheesy! but cold be the best song of the entire list.

This song is awesome, vote it!

This song is great, put in 1#

The power this song has, it's simply unique.

The Day After Tomorrow Night The Day After Tomorrow Night Cover Art
Unique Unique Cover Art

this song is as the title says

Good one, haha I wonder how it isn't number 3?

this song is so pretty good in my point of view...

w. All Day

Touch Sensitive Touch Sensitive Cover Art
Different Air Different Air Cover Art

Are you kidding me? Number #10? that's all? Damn

Greatest of their songs

Love is the Art Love is the Art Cover Art

Sorry my friend but I disagree, I wouldn't call this song terrible since is still a pretty decent song for his time (if not a good song of course)

Another misunderstood one - pLix33


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