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61 The High Life

This song talks about how he came up and met his idol nas great lyricism in this song

Song had me go through every emotion in one track. Simply Lyrical

Most underrated Logic song

62 Top Ten

It's lit

This song is dope af why isn't it #1 or #2 like fr

63 Growing Pains II

Amazing story behind how he grew up in fear

V 1 Comment
64 On the Low V 1 Comment
65 Like Me
66 Feels Good

His is way too low its impossible not to feel good after listening to this song

Logic be blowin up at high velocity WHAD UP!

67 Life Is Good

One of his best beats. Raps well and sings hook. Perfect song.

68 Rapman

Under rated

69 Let Me Go V 1 Comment
70 Used to Hate It
71 24 Freestyle
72 Confess

Why this song is last? - mikidou99

73 Confess

So underrated. Great song.

74 500 Days of Summer

Very good song, never seemed to get the recognition it deserved.

75 Shine On

The song is short but the verse is arguably the best verse he has ever spit. Definitely the most underrated song by logic along with beggin

76 Transmission

Amazing and deep if u really listen to lyrics

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