Top Ten Reasons Why the Looney Tunes Show is Bad

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1 Bad Character Attitudes

OK, I've watched fifteen episodes of the series and I kinda have changed my opinion on the show, it's great as it's own thing, but not as a replacement to the original Toons.

2 Bugs Bunny Now Lives in a House, Not a Hole

That was the main transportation of the Bugs-era Looney Tunes. That's like removing ACME Rockets from Wile E, The Cars from Cars, The Karts From Mario Kart or THE STEAMBOAT FROM B&W MICKEY MERCH

3 They Changed the Layout

It's a disgrace to looney tunes. Who thought of this?!?

4 They Made Daffy Stupid
5 The New Voice Acting is Lame

I didn't like Lola's new voice.

6 Daffy Doesn't Do the Woohoo Laugh Anymore
7 Cartoon Network Trashed It
8 They Turned It Into A Sitcom
9 It's a Disgrace to Warner Bros
10 Lack of Character Development
The Contenders
11 It Lacks a Laugh Track
12 It's Disrespectful Towards Mel Blanc
13 It's Not Funny
14 Its Fanbase

I have seen a liked comment that says that Gravity Falls is very overrated and Regular Show is good (but overrated) and The Looney Tunes show should be number 1 on "Top Ten Underrated Shows from Nick, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Hub Network". WHY?! >:(

It has a fanbase? WHY?

15 Lola Bunny Doesn't Have a Supermodel Body Anymore

I hate Lola's design in this show, it's the worst!

16 Characters acting more human than a cartoon character

If you watch lunatics unleashed you'll see that the show is really faithful towards the original Looney Tunes this show however is really disrespectful.

Again with the problems, it's fine to modernize looney tunes to poke fun at newer stuff like video games, but removing animal traits like habitats, hibernation, migration, etc. is just bad.

17 Lola is a Crybaby

Lola Bunny's Crying was extremely annoying!

18 They Made Lola Love Pepe Le Pew
19 Foghorn Doesn't Sing Camptown Racers Anymore
20 It's Comparable to the Sonic Fanbase
21 The Animation is Almost Always Off
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