Top 10 Best Tiny Toon Adventures Episodes

They're tiny they're tooney and they're all a little looney and for this list we bring you the top best episodes from the series.

Tiny Toon Adventures is a 1990 animated television series which follows the adventures of a group of young cartoon characters who attend Acme Looniversity to become the next generation of Looney Tunes characters.
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1 How I Spent My Summer Vacation

A movie later spread into four episodes follows the toons on their summer vacation with Buster and Babs getting into a water gun fight that results in them flowing down the river as they come across a family of possums looking to make Babs their meal while Buster gets into a banjo duel with one of them though he uses his mouth and tongue then come across a trio of crocodile sisters who all want to marry Buster, then we get Plucky hitching a ride with Hampton's family who are headed to Happy World Land but the ride proves to be more trouble then the trip is worth between dealing with Hampton's crazy family and them picking up a crazy hitchhiker who tries to kill Plucky with a chainsaw and after finally arriving at their destination Plucky finally has some relive but its all cut short as after just riding around in the monorail the family is all ready to go home leaving Plucky devastated and then after arriving home is forced to sit through their slide show of the vacation, other plot ...more

2 Fields of Honey

Similar to Toon-Tone Town in the episode Babs despritly searches for a female cartoon character in the film vault to act as her mentor and discovers with the help of a mysterious figure and discovers a long lost female cartoon character Honey of Bosko and Honey who is a lot like her and was once a huge star until being over shadowed by the rise of Porky Pig leading to both Bosko and Honey to fade into obscurity leading to Babs to build a theater and show Honey cartoons in hopes of saving Honey from being forgotten forever since laughter keeps cartoon character young and when the laughter stops a toon grows old and forgotten, the episode is basically a parody of Fields of Dreams.

3 High Toon

Buster and Babs take a wrong turn to Acmeland and end up in a western town where the citizens are terrorized by the coyote gang take all their stuff and after Buster and Babs also get their stuff stolen they agree to help take back the town's stolen goods and take out the gang while also dragging both Hampton and Plucky into the situation, the four with help from the town folks work together and outsmart the gang and locking them up in jail.

4 Tiny Toon Music Television
5 Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian

The episode sees Buster and Babs hijack Hampton's cartoon complaining about them not being in the episode and go directly to Steven Spielberg himself and are placed in a script written by actual 13 year old viewers Renee Carter, Sarah Cleef, and Amy Crosby who appear in the actual episode in animated form in which the rabbit duo go on vacation in Hawaii where they loose all their money and luggage and Buster uses Bugs Bunny's gold card to pay for the rest of the trip, the episode was later the inspiration for the Simpsons episode "The Front"

6 Acme Cable TV

How can you crack jokes at a time like this?
We gotta do somethin' to eat up airtime! We don't have enough money for animation!

7 Whale's Tales

Buster and Babs help rescue a baby whale's mother who was captured by the evil Gothca Grabmore who wants to turn her into whale based beauty products.

8 Animaniacs!

What? What? This will be a beloved holiday classic! Hey, put me down!
(The Toons toss Monty out of the auditorium)
This is censorship! I'll sue!

9 Kon Ducki

Aah, mango liquid refreshment!

10 Citizen Max

As we all know, Acme Loo needs a new student council president who's reliable, honest, and fair, but I want you to vote for me anyway!

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11 The Acme Bowl

The Toons face off against their rivals at Perfecto Prep as they plan on using their new playbook to help them finally win however Perfecto Preps leader of the team persuade Plucky into being a double agent by offering him a scholarship at their school, as Plucky helps Perfecto Prep during the football game by giving them their school's playbook but
starts to regret his decision after ACME's only remaining fan Sneezer finds out that he's been helping their rivals but in a twist it turns out that Plucky betraying the team and helping Perfecto Prep and giving them the playbook was all a trick to lead to ACME wining over Perfecto Prep.

12 The Looney Beginning
13 Who Bopped Bugs Bunny

In a parody of "Who Framed Rodger Rabbit" while in Paris attending and award ceremony in which Bugs Bunny is accepting an award a jealous cartoon character Sappy Stanley kidnaps Bugs along with his award and frames Daffy for the crime leading to Buster and Babs to investigate find Bugs, clear Daffy's name and find the culprit responsible.

14 The Buster Bunny Bunch
15 Two-Tone Town

Buster and Babs attempt to help out a trio of forgotten black and white cartoon characters Foxy, Roxy and Goopy Geer and prepare them for an audition for Acme Oop! as Babs attempts to train them while Buster goes to steal some material like sound effects and music

16 New Class Day
17 Love Disconnection

Honey, you're spoiling the movie for the others.
What others? We're the only ones watching this stupid stinker!

18 Her Wacky Highness
19 Weekly Afternoon Live

A parody of Saturday Night Live hosted by a Bart Simpson lookalike.

20 Hollywood Plucky
21 Ruffled Ruffee

In this segment Buster clashes with an arrogant children's song musician who hates loud music and after scolding him for interrupting his concert Buster sneaks into the concert dressed as a baby and messes with the show, my favorite part is when Rufee forces Buster to play the drums in rhythm while he sings the Body Song and Buster of course begins speeding up the drums faster and faster as Ruffee sings rapidly until he explodes.

22 Europe in 30 Minutes
23 It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special
24 The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain
25 Henny Youngman Day
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