Things Looney Tunes Does Better Than Mickey Mouse

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1 Bugs is actually funny on his own, Mickey isn't

Mickey relies on the supporting cast to be funny.

2 More characters
3 Lola is an originally designed character, Minnie is just Mickey in a bow
4 Bugs lures people with disguises, Mickey just lures people with dialogue
5 Daffy has a better voice than Donald

Daffy has a big lisp, but you can clearly understand him nonetheless.

6 Looney Tunes Cartoons is on HBO Max, while Mickey Mouse Works isn't on Disney+
7 Elmer Fudd is a more memorable villain than Pete

I'd say they're both pretty damn memorable.

8 Marvin the Martian is an original character, Martian Mickey is just a green Mickey
9 They have more memorable one-liners
10 The shorts aren't eclipsed by spinoffs

Ask a person to name catchphrases of Looney Tunes...

"What's up, doc", "what a maroon...", "This means war!", "Duck Season!", "Rabbit Season!", "You're despicable!", "I hates rabbits!", "That's all, Folks!", "Hello My Baby!", "Oh, goodie!", "That's a joke, son!", so on, so forth.

They are all said at least once in the original theatrical shorts.

As for Mickey Mouse...

"Hot Dog!" (singular), "Oh boy!", "Meeska! Mooska! Mickey! Mouse!", and of course, "Oh, Toodles!"

None were said in the original shorts.

The Contenders
11 The Looney Tunes cartoons have more slapstick

Though Disney cartoons had their moments, it was mostly after Looney Tunes became popular.

12 Looney Tunes has more stylized backgrounds

No question.

Chuck Jones is a genius.

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