Martinglez hates #5: LJN

Martinglez Well today we are going to talk about LJN, Laughing Joking Numbnuts (does anyone really know what LJN was supposed to really stand for). I'm going to review the top 5 games on this list: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (NES), Friday the 13th (NES), Back to the Future II & III (NES), Back to the Future (NES) and Jaws (NES)

-Bill and Ted´s Excelent Adventure (NES): There´s nothing excelent about this game. It´s confusing, boring andfrustrating. Most of the time jumping into bushes. I don´t know about you, but bush jumping doesn´t sound like my idea of fun. Maybe it could be an olympic sport. Professional bush jumpers have to jump on as many bushes as they can. Kids could also practice it at schools. That is the world this game wants us to live in. Oh, and the colour scheme is just so beautiful...Not!

-Friday the 13th (NES): This is a horrible platformer. You will get lost in the map, trust me, even if you think you won´t, you will. Is this suppose to be scary? Well, playing it is already scary enough. Also, gotta love the rocks that arc over the enemy.

-Back to the Future (NES): This is the least faithful movie adaptation in existence. Remember? That one scene where Marty had to collect clocks he found on the street, throw bowling balls and dodge bees? And that other one where he worked at a cafe and throwed beers atpeople who walked in? Classic scenes. Also, the music. Oh god, the music. It´s such an annoying loophole. Johnny be Good sounds strange, it´s way too fast. This game is very bad.

Back to the Future II and III (NES): I apologize to Back to the Future for calling it the least faithful movie adaptation, this is even less faithful. At least the last game got the areas right! This is a platformer, a pretty bad one too. Like Bill and Ted, here you will have to kill every enemy you see since you have to get a key that a random enemy has. Tediousness is a classic staple in these games. This game is just so confusing. It´s another abomination from this bad company.ç

Jaws: Do you like killing manta rays and jellyfishes! No! Then don´t play this. That is the only thing you will do, appart from killing Jaws, although his life seems to be infinite. This is another atrocity from this company.

Well LJN is a classic in bad gaming. I think they have never actually made a good (or at least decen) game. Any of these isn´t entertaining and will just waste your time if you play them so... Don´t play em. Also, what do the letters really stand for?


I don't really know what the letters stand for. - Skullkid755

Appart from it's joke name made by AVGN - Martinglez

Well if you want a more in-depth of LJN go to my angry review of it. While I also wrote laughing joking numnuts the name is based on the man all behind it Lewis J. Norman. - htoutlaws2012

Hmm, interesting - Martinglez

Have you been watching Angry Video Game Nerd? - Delgia2k

Yes, I have - Martinglez