Top 10 Best Cuphead Bosses

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The Top Ten

1 Grim Matchstick

I think that Matchstick Boss is the boss that requires a lot of skill. 1st phase test you platforming, parry and dodging habilities, The 2nd one puts your reflexes and weapon choices to the test as you try to dodge fire boy after fire boy and the last one makes you test your strategy and patience about whenever attack the dragon or not instead of just going full braindead offensive.

Hard? Yes
Rewarding? Yes

2 Werner Werman

Tom and jerry reference time!

3 King Dice

*Hears someone talking about how they missed Dice's hand* *Kicks down door* WOT

4 Tipsy Troop
5 Cagney Carnation
6 Cala Maria

Awesome boss - Myname2

7 Phantom Express
8 The Devil - Cuphead
9 Dr. Kahl's Robot
10 Baroness Von Bon Bon

The Contenders

11 Hilda Berg
12 Mr. Wheezy
13 Ribby and Croaks
14 Wally Warbles
15 Sally Stageplay
16 Pip and Dot
17 Chips Bettigan

Chips is so fricking CUTE! I wanna hug him!

18 Mangosteen
19 Rumor Honeybottoms
20 The Root Pack
21 Goopy Le Grande
22 Captain Brineybeard
23 Beppi The Clown
24 Mr. Chimes
25 Djimmi The Great
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