Top 10 Hair Growth Supplements

The top 10 safe and natural multi-vitamin hair growth supplements available on the market, prescription-free.
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The Top Ten


This is easily the best hair supplement I have tried. I have seen significant improvements in my hair since using HR23+. - VitaminsMan

This is a wonderful supplement! I've suffered from chronic hair loss for years, and after trying so many treatments, I finally found a supplement in HR23+ that truly works. I couldn't be happier. - misspippalee

Well deserving of its place at the top. Super product! - lustful-lady

My hair has stopped thinning. I would it say it has prompted growth of new hair. This is very satisfactory result..

Viviscal for Women

Good supplement. Worked to a certain extent. - lustful-lady

Nutrafol for Men

Great working product but extortionately expensive. - VitaminsMan

Viviscal for Men


Nutrafol for Women