Top Ten Madonna Singles That Should Have Reached Number One

Madonna holds the record for the most #2 singles in the history of the Billboard Hot 100. Most of these were easily deserving of the top slot. One was not cough_MaterialGirl_cough.
**NOTE: THIS LIST REFERS TO THE US Billboard Hot 100. **
**Any information about chart placement comes from relentless Wikipedia searching. **

The Top Ten

1 Frozen

This will forever be my favorite Madonna song. It's the song that sparked my curiosity about her and made me realize her talent as an artist: both musically and visually.

**Debuted at #1 on the UK Singles Chart**
**Debuted and peaked at #2 on Billboard Hot 100** - theOpinionatedOne

2 Secret

Had it not have been for the controversy surrounding Madonna after her stint as Mistress Dita during promotion for Erotica, I believe this song would have been a #1. The whole Bedtime Stories album was similarly overlooked.

**Peaked at #3 on Hot 100** - theOpinionatedOne

3 Ray of Light

The song that redefined club music.

**Peaked at #5 on Hot 100** - theOpinionatedOne

4 Hung Up

The best dance song of Madonna's career and the best dance song of the 2000's.

**Peaked at #1 in 41 countries**
**Peaked at #7 on Hot 100** - theOpinionatedOne

5 La Isla Bonita

The song that began Madonna's Latin love affair.

**Peaked at #4 on Hot 100** - theOpinionatedOne

6 Into the Groove

**Peaked at #1 in a total of 11 national charts in 9 countries, two of which publish two national charts**
**Ineligible to chart in America due to lack of commercial release there** - theOpinionatedOne

7 4 Minutes

The song that was my JAM in the summer of 2008.

**Peaked at #1 in 21 countries**
**Peaked at #3 in US** - theOpinionatedOne

8 You'll See
9 Deeper and Deeper
10 Sorry

In my opinion, Madonna's best song of the 2000's. Wait till you see the injustice this song received in America.

**Peaked at #58 on Hot 100! ** Like, whaat?! - theOpinionatedOne

The Contenders

11 Lucky Star
12 Living for Love
13 Holiday
14 Express Yourself
15 Die Another Day

The song that ushered a new direction for Agent 007.

**Peaked at #8 on Hot 100** - theOpinionatedOne

16 The Power of Good-Bye
17 Erotica
18 Rain

The best song from Erotica.

**Peaked at #14 on Hot 100** - theOpinionatedOne

19 Bad Girl
20 Cherish
21 I'll Remember
22 American Pie
23 Oh Father
24 Burning Up
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