Best Malaysian Indie Bands of 2015

2016 is approaching and we get to see the rise and fall of Malaysian's indie bands! Now, before you vote, INDIE means that the band is not tied down to any MAJOR labels. They do what they do by themselves or own their own companies. Vote away!

The Top Ten

1 Bunkface

2015 is definitely a busy year for these guys! They played in Summer Sonic, Japan! Closing into 10 years of being the main band in our local Punk Rock scene, still going strong! - judgemental_lady

2 Butterfingers

How can we not have this heavy-weight in this list? Although these guys are no longer active, their songs are still being played daily by local music fans! - judgemental_lady

3 Hujan

Recently celebrated their 10 years anniversary and we were there! Amazing reunion for both band and fans! These boys showed that they are still in their fans' hearts! - judgemental_lady

Once a #Rainger always a rainger..

4 Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG)

The best in Malaysia

Now these crazy boys. What else can we say about them? Not just us Malaysians, our neighbors in Indonesia loves them too! These boys came out with their album, Bahtera, recently and they are killing it in every show! Rock on, SOG! - judgemental_lady

..i love this band,sooo much.

5 An Honest Mistake

These guys are amazing. Other than being super supportive towards other bands in the local scene, they are rocking out like there's no tomorrow! Currently touring with RTW15! Love them! - judgemental_lady

6 Hyper Act.

Back from the dead with their new vocalist and a new track, together with a nicely made MV! They also have cool designed merchandises out too, if we're not mistaken. Nice!

Reminder, although they are a mainstream band, they do things INDEPENDENTLY. So they are acceptable in this list! - judgemental_lady

Hyperact not dead

7 Plague of Happiness

The band that makes us happy and dancing! Amazing talent, amazing music, all the time, every time! - judgemental_lady

8 Akim & The Majistret

We know, we know, they are in mainstream too. But we can't deny that these guys are killing it this year! Absolutely powerful fan base and they came out with their first album "Patriot" recently!

But we're not sure if they are going indie or signed into a major label. Hm - judgemental_lady

9 Lukarts

Psychedelic, Entertaining & Energetic! These are the best three words to describe this Modern Pop band! Word has it that a couple of major labels are trying to get to these guys but they decided to stay indie! Awesome awesome awesome! Definitely the band to watch from now on! - judgemental_lady

Rare, authentic, weirdo, fantastic

Went to every show they play because they are reaallyy good!


10 Temjin

What can we say about these Cheetah Rockers? Absolutely amazing and always leaving the crowd wanting more - judgemental_lady

The vocal is unique, their music is rocking hard and performance are entertaining!

They are awesome!

Yup well said these are awesomely talented unique bunch of guys, for stage presence simply awesome...what stands out are they do their act with a smile..simply a class of their own!

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1. Bunkface
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