Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley was a American musician and actor. Known as "The King" He was mostly known for his number 1 singles including "Heartbreak Hotel" "Hound Dog" "Jailhouse Rock" "Love me Tender" Elvis debuted in the movie "Love me Tender" and focused less on his music and continued that way. ...read more.


He is the best vocal ever, the most powerful and full of soul and feelings. He should be at the first place

They don't make them like him any longer. Today's people just don't know how good they used to be. Elvis is unmatched as a white singer (even the Rolling Stone Magazine says so, which usually prefers John Lennon or Bob Dylan and the like as musicians); only some black guys topped Elvis in a way (but not Michael Jackson, only as a dancer, of course. )
(I'm a white female. )
Still, nobody had that stylistic range. Elvis could almost sing everything - and did.
No one has this indescribable warm and sexy feel to his style. Not up to date.

Haha! This list is clearly a joke. Wacko Jacko as number 1? He was a dancer, not much of a singer. Only idiots who jumped on the band wagon after he died voted for him and they don't know anything about what qualifies as a 'real singer'. "Oh.. It's so sad a pedophile kicked the bucket and now that he's dead we love him! " Gimme a break. If this were a legitimate list based on 'actual singing' Elvis would be in the top 10 if not the number 2 spot behind Freddie Mercury (arguably the greatest singer of all time who would be number one if this list was in the least bit legit. )

How is Elvis not number 1?! He was a triple threat. He could bring people together like no other. He paved the way for so many future singers and was a revolutionary artist at his time. So many of his songs are iconic: "Hound Dog", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Burning Love", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Don't Be Cruel", and so many others. His voice was so smooth and had so much soul. He was handsome and he was kind. Definitely the undisputed King.

what is going on here? why so low?
- AllTimeLowFan

No one singing today or yesterday can ever compete with "Elvis Presley" as the greatest voice that has ever lived. He sand Rock, pop, country, gospel, great dancer, and even in Spanish! He was also a movie star! To top everything else, he took a break to serve his country in the US Army.

There is no way these other entertainer can or will ever rival Elvis Presley as the "King of Rock and Roll. He should be at the top hands down!

Elvis gets kicked to the curb on these often silly lists. I love his vocals as they contain more than just power. It's that soulfulness, he could let it rip, distinctive and easily one of the most imitated but never equaled. He's right next to Freddie Mercury. Even Freddie would agree. Elvis is the greatest of all time overall. the two most impressive vocalist based on quality, diversity, style, & unique.

Elvis is best of the best and then there is rest. But Elvis will always the best one. Elvis had the power in his voice to make you happy or sad and you would feel it in your heart as he sings it. The song came life from his heart and he made live in our hearts.

You are Right, I went to see Elvis at two concerts. I have never been to any other Concert that Rocked the Crowd like he did! They were Fantastic Concerts. When He would sing you could tell he felt it in his heart. That is what makes a great singer! Deborah10

The most talented man of all time, not only an artist but an actor too. A kind hearted man who never forgot his roots of being poor and always gave to charity, he gave so much to us all and this is a way of thanking him for that. He keeps me sane when I listen to him sing, the KING of ROCK'N'ROLL FOREVER.

I am only 12 years old and I think Elvis is wonderful and should be number 1 because his dance moves are brilliant and he is such a nice person his hair is great and he is very handsome all his movies are amazing and all his songs and fab and I have never seen a photo where he looks ugly.

A very special.. And a natural talent. As you look down this list so many performers are merely flashes in the pan. The test of time.. Do you really think anyone hearing their voices will always give the same reaction as Elvis gets now? Elvis Presley was and still is one of the world's memorable voices.

Elvis Presley is and will always be the best entertainer in the world. He could do it all, even considered Opera at 1 time. I am sure he would have been able to achieve it. God gave him his talent and awesome looks but he was humble and considerate even with all he had and achieved (with the blessings from his savior.

No one can write sounds like Elvis did and even the one's that he sang that weren't his often sounded better that the original artist. Too bad I was born in 79. I used to watch replays of his concerns when everyone was gone. His voice still gives me chill bumps to this very day. He is the King for a reason! God bless Elvis!

Michael Jackson is not the Best Male Singer! ELVIS is. Be objective and don't vote Jackson for racial reasons. Jackson's voice can't hold a candle to Elvis', are we serious? Yes, Michael wrote very beautiful songs, but here we are talking about the singer and not about the composer!

Elvis was by far the best singer of all time. He sold more records in less time than anyone else. All his live concerts where sold out months in advance. He has more people try to impersonate him than anyone else has. He will always be remembered as "THE KING OF ROCK-N-Roll"

This is fun to consider the best of the best. I would like to think we can agree to be able to disagree. I am surprised he is now listed, number 5, because I would put him in the top four, like Mount Rushmore. Trying to portray him would be like trying to portray the sun as being hot and bright.

Elvis was and is the most popular singer in history. EVERYONE knows who he is, whether they like his music or not. He could hit some amazingly high and amazingly low notes. He should most definitely be NUMBER 1 on this list - Cody4545

Elvis could sing ANYTHING, any kind of music, and do it better than anyone else. From whispering love songs with a silky voice to bad-ass mean rock songs and anything in between.
When he sang a song he made it his, and set the benchmark up to the highest mark. no one can do an Elvis song better than him. He had the complete package.

No male singer beats Elvis... Not yesterday, not today. His voice, and style, was, and still is, unmatched. He also had a good heart and was someone young people could look up to, unlike so many drug addicts and freaks of today.

Elvis should be #1 cause if it was't for him these other artists wouldn't be singing the music they are and he is the BEST singer and entertainer ever and NOBODY will ever come close to equaling him. - #1elvisfan

Please stop Freddie didn't sing opera, he had his voice merged with his band mates in bohemian rhapsody, you all who voted Freddie need to clean your ears out. Those who say Michael Jackson was voted for sympathy we can say the same for Freddie he was voted for sympathy because he had AIDs. Michaels voice was better then Freddies but Elvis sang even better.

How can Elvis be at number 3 and not number 1? He sold more records then Jackson or mercury more number 1 hits and charted hits can't ignore those stats? Mind boggling lol shaking my head in disbelief

Elvis should be at the top of the list. He touched lives in one way or another even now. Elvis Presley lives in his songs & movies. He has the greates voice ever today and for ever. You can't say where is Elvis because he lives today through songs, music, movies and all that he accomplished. He is at the top in my list.

Elvis is the king! He belongs at the top...
This list has disappointed me..
I haven't even heard of half the people above him