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301 Frank Ocean Frank Ocean

How isn't this guy so low. He's top 20 alt least

302 Damon Albarn Damon Albarn

His songs and voice are simply great!

This should be much higher! His voice is so amazing, and when it is live, he doesn't use autotune and lipsync, and is still amazing! *Sorry For Bad English*

Honestly amazed this list is so long & so wrong. Albarn is a top 10 singer, star of Blur & he co-created The Gorillaz.

His voice isso soothing

303 Juicy J Juicy J V 3 Comments
304 Neil Sedaka
305 Atif Aslam Atif Aslam Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.

Atif is the best of best singers ever...

He is the best singer in Asia I love his voice
He is also an actor.
His voice is dynamic. He is my inspiration

Probably he is most versatile singer. According to me you are 1st.

The best singer ever ♡♥♡♥

306 Nick Jonas Nick Jonas Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas is an American singer, songwriter and actor, best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a pop rock band he formed with his brothers Kevin and Joe.

Listen to Nick Jonas or puke? I think I'd rather do the latter, thanks.

Watch performance of Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

I <3 nick Jonas!


307 Mika Mika

love mika

308 Arijit Singh Arijit Singh Arijit Singh is an Indian playback singer and music programmer from West Bengal who sings Bengali and Hindi songs.

So... Nyc, he is the best singer in India... I love him

Currently the best singer from India. Really love his voice

He is one of the best Indian artist

V 1 Comment
309 Jon Anderson Jon Anderson John Roy Anderson, known professionally as Jon Anderson, is an English singer, songwriter, and musician best known as the former lead singer of the progressive rock band Yes, which he co-founded in 1968 with bassist Chris Squire.

Lead singer of "Yes" and "Jon and Vangelis"


310 Jerry Garcia Jerry Garcia Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia was an American musician best known for his lead guitar work, singing and songwriting with the band the Grateful Dead, which came to prominence during the counterculture era in the 1960s.

Another guy that isn't on this list, yet should be. Wonderful singer and wonderful guy all around. - pepperedSteak

311 Brock Lindow

Best vibrato ever, listen to "Slit Wrist Theory" by 36 Crazyfists. You'll see what I mean.

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312 Brad Mates
313 Frank DiMino (Angel)
314 Eivis Costello

A silky smooth, effortless voice that he has adapted to many styles of music.

Fantastic range and emotion

315 Richard Neville
316 Mario Frangoulis

A Greek tenor With a silky voice, filled with colors and warmth. It is like a bubbling,cool, clear creek, which swells with power after a rain fall.
My very favorite tenor! - bertah

The most beautiful voice and the best performer who can sing anything in any language so perfectly! There is so much sensitivity and passion in his music!

I have never heard such a fantastic, wonderful, powerful, moving voice in my life as Mario's.
Truly amazing beyond anything I could ever write here. - JennyB

317 Drake Bell Drake Bell
318 Zack de la Rocha Zack de la Rocha Zacharias Manuel "Zack" de la Rocha (born January 12, 1970) is an American musician, poet, rapper, and activist best known as the vocalist and lyricist of rap metal band Rage Against the Machine from 1991–2000, and after the band's reunion in 2007 until their last show in 2011. He left Rage Against more. V 1 Comment
319 Park Hyo Shin Park Hyo Shin V 2 Comments
320 Declan Galbraith

He's been singing since he was 8 years old. He's British and his music was used to teach children in China English. When he was younger he sounded a lot like Justin Bieber but thing is he's never been acknowledge even though he's been singing before Beiber

I feel his a great singer and should be higher the 257.

Declan Galbraith should at least be in the top 100!

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