Shim Changmin


He has a impressive singing voice. His singing range is very high. He sings every type of songs - from ballad to rock - and he does a very good job at it. But the most important thing, is that he puts his heart and soul in every song he sings, and is always trying hard to improve.

I love changmin.. He is the best..
He is amazing! He can make the better high note in this world!
A singer who can pull every style, any genre
He can sing a jazz song and do it awesome..
He can sing a jrock song and do it awesome..
He can sing a christian song and he do it awesome..

I love his high note the most even though he can sing well in various types of songs. His high note is just "WOW"; it gives me goosebumps all the time I listen to it. In my mind, he is the best singer, who always make efforts continuously

His voice pierces through ne every time. One reason on why he is my bias is because of his amazing voice. Definitely one of the top 3 voices I've heard. He can reach the highest notes ever and is truly gifted.

Needless to say. He has the best high-pitched voice. Love it when he started to scream. He can sing anything and makes the song sounds beautiful

He is the best singer I have known, can sing any song; ballad, pop, rock... And not to mention the fact that he is such a great performer; as well as singing fantastically, he doesn't forget to dance great!

His voice is a kind of miracle, with a range of 3 octaves, especially his high note is strong and astounding! And it fits within lots of genre of music. In fact, although he is a POPS singer, he sings various music, such as R&B, dance, and jazz, with his expressive voice. They are all wonderful and there is actually charm which charms those who hear it!

Our high tone prince shim changmin, he is my favorite male singer in this world, he can sing many kind of music and he do it awesome, if you listen to his voice, yo will also love it! And love him

He can sing everything, have a amazing voice and... The high notes, no other can copy his notes

The best singer ever!
Just listen to his perfect voice!
I have to say his high notes are amazing... And he's good looking also

He's multi-talented and can carry any of the genre. He could sing a high note as well as the lower ones. Kinda remind me of Mariah Carey.

He's just incredible, I can't explain - his voice is beautiful and can do EVERYTHING and he has the best personality to go with it!

He is GREAT... I don't have other words... His talent just blew them away

I can say that Changmin is one of best singers in the world. He can sing different kinds of music and his voice is just awesome! Plus his high notes that not every singer can pull out through beautifully.

The best Korean singer I have ever heard.
he is amazing, he has a very awesome high notes
he can sing any thing. His live performance is perfect.
finally, he is best of the best. Perfect singer

He is my ultimate bias in all the Korean bands.. He has the best high notes ever. He is absolutely perfect in every way.. He does a great job in all the songs and genres as well as being a great human being - emanelsayyad

The only person who can sing high note perfectly and sing all genre of songs
And when he sings ballad we can feel his emotions which he put on it

Changmin really grew, musically!
Not only can he reach those high notes flawlessly, he can also cover other genres; be it Pop, Rock, Rap, R&B, Ballads, etc!

Now I can't imagine that someone could be better than him. He stole the show in my heart with his trademark cry of Mirotic. He is the best! In spite of everything.

He is the best male high tone voice in Asia
Once you hear his high tone, you will get goosebumps
You will never believe that he actually can hit such high tone

Not only is he really attractive but his singing is awesome~! He does anything from R&B to Rock great, his voice is that versatile.

What more can I say. He is The Shim Chang Min. He can pull off any genre easily esp rock. His voice never fails to amaze me. A good singer he is.

One fof a kind. He can sing any lines by other singer, but only specially gifted ones can sing his lines. He is the oomph of every song.

He is an amazing & talented singer in Asia.
Sure he can see any genre esp: high note!
U have to check his energetic voice

Changmin's voice is unique and he can sing from low to high smoothly.