Most Memorable Defunct Websites

The Top Ten Most Memorable Defunct Websites

2 Portal of Evil
3 Geocities

Good thing the Disney's Hercules fansite "Hera's Haven" is still up and running

Ah, I remember Geocities. Never had a site there myself, but I do remember many people having sites and posting their art and fanfiction on there.

4 imeem
5 Singingfish
6 AskJeeves
7 PopArena

Still exists just no long updated - HCShannon

9 JumpTheShark

Bought by T.V. Guide later reincarnated as "Bone The Fish" - HCShannon


The dead celebrity joke site - HCShannon

The Contenders

12 Lycos

Owned ny Angelfire

13 Tweeterino

I think someone is working on the site. It might open again.

14 Angelfire

Not a defunct website

15 Let Them Sing It for You
16 WWWF Grudge Match

Still around just no longer updated - HCShannon


Good riddance. - Georgiacatcrimson

18 Hotwired
20 Feed Magazine
21 Infoseek
22 Ananova

I was at Vegas in 2015 and I visited the Riviera just 6 weeks after it closed. I took several photos. It was imploded 1 year later.

24 RateMyPoo.Com

This was a very disgusting site where people take pictures of their poop and diarrhea and upload it here for others to rank.

25 AltaVista

A guy keeps McDonalds burgers for over 20 years. They all look fresh. GROSS! This PROVES that McDonald's is full of chemicals!

27 Webring
28 Google Answers
29 Yahoo Kids
30 Virtual Magic Kingdom
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