Best Metal Albums of 2017

The Top Ten Best Metal Albums of 2017

1 Gods of Violence - Kreator

Not quite Phantom Antichrist, but still above most recent work (besides Violent Revolution). - Caleb9000

This masterpiece is slightly above cradle of filths criptonia which isn't even listed to my surprise

2 Emperor of Sand - Mastodon

Easily tops Gods of Violence. Jaguar God and Word to the Wise are among the best songs Mastodon has ever put out in their whole career.

3 Urn - Ne Obliviscaris

This was an exceptional surprise. Did not expect to enjoy this album as much as I did. Current contender for AOTY for me. - cjWriter1997

My #1 of 2017 (extreme progressive metal from Australia).
If interested, you can check out the list: Best Songs on Ne Obliviscaris' Urn - Metal_Treasure

4 The Grinding Wheel - Overkill

Should be in the top three.

Should be #1 - Relixx599

5 Reflections of a Floating World - Elder

An amazing sludge metal album. My fave of 2017. - IronSabbathPriest

6 In the Passing Light of Day - Pain of Salvation
7 Aathma - Persefone

This is MY pick for best metal album of 2017. Top notch progressive metal album right here, everyone should listen to it. - NuMetalManiak

8 E - Enslaved

A very good album, possibly their most progressive yet. They pay a tribute to Pink Floyd during the albums closing moments. My main criticism: too short. Only six songs. None of them are bad though and all are different. If you don't like newer Enslaved then you probably won't like this, but if you're a fan of newer, then I think you'll enjoy it. If you're a prog fan and have more of an open mind to black metal then I think you'll enjoy it. - IronSabbathPriest

9 Nightmare Logic - Power Trip

Top tier Thrash man - InsanityJoe

10 Conformicide - Havok

Good music, but awful lyrics. - Caleb9000

The Contenders

11 Codex Omega - Septicflesh

A perfect album - Metal_Treasure

12 Incorruptible - Iced Earth
13 Mirror Reaper - Bell Witch

Such a sad album... Perfect doom metal...

14 The Sin and the Sentence - Trivium
15 Will to Power - Arch Enemy

Great album but still not as heavy as without grosscrow

16 Healed by Metal - Grave Digger
17 Diaspora - Cormorant

This band is really great, it's like Opeth with growls reincarnated.
This albums is great too. - InsanityJoe

18 Machine Messiah - Sepultura
19 Devil is Fine - Zeal and Ardor
20 Forever - Code Orange
21 Through the Mirror - Endon
22 Legends of the Shires - Threshold
23 Lower the Bar - Steel Panther
24 As Embers Turn to Dust - Mechina
25 Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten - Carach Angren
26 The Rise of Chaos - Accept
27 ... of the Dark Light - Suffocation
28 Ex Eye - Ex Eye
29 Primordial Malignity - Tomb Mold
30 Atonement - Immolation
31 Big Rocks - Krokus
32 Embers of a Dying World - Mors Principium Est
33 Tchornobog - Tchornobog
34 Ultu Ulla - Rings of Saturn
35 Woe to the Vanquished - Warbringer
36 Tarot - Æther Realm
37 The Forest Seasons - Wintersun
38 Malina - Leprous
39 Cryptoriana – the Seductiveness of Decay - Cradle of Filth
40 Wisdom Eyes - Nine Treasures
41 Immortals - Firewind
42 The Source - Ayreon
43 No Grave but the Sea - Alestorm
44 Ulfven - Ereb Altor
45 Mutilated and Assimilated - Broken Hope
46 Exuvia - The Ruins of Beverast
47 The Future State of Wicked - Blood Feast
48 Obituary - Obituary

Gona check it out - EliHbk

49 Dear Desolation - Thy Art is Murder

Their most straightforward death metal album yet. Good songwriting throughout - repeating the main riffs over breakdowns works. - IronSabbathPriest

This album and "The Great Collapse" by Fit for an Autopsy are the best albums of 2017. So heavy with sick breakdowns.

50 Kingdoms Disdained - Morbid Angel

Great Morbid Angel come back album - InsanityJoe

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