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41 Comora (Mizoram)

Sentimental Mizo Thrash Metal... probably one of the bassists in India in this band

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42 Winter Gate (Jaipur)

There's something better cooking in jaipur!

They should share the same stage as opeth!

Progressive Death Metal at it's best!

Amazing progressive death metal

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43 Angelic Resurrection

A metal band.
Its death vocals are really awesome.

Best band ever... check them out in YouTube..

A death metal band from Arunachal pradesh.
Its death vocals are too deadly and really best death vocals in India with awesome drum beats. its leads and rhythms are also very good.
This band deserves to be the best death metal band of India.

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44 Melovedine (Lucknow)

These guys rock. have awesome songs. love you all.

Nice outfit from Lucknow

45 Bevar Sea (Bangalore)

This band just insane band, one of the best Indian band.
Check out there new album.

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46 Yuthak Wah
47 Mortar (Kolkata) V 1 Comment
48 Beyond Arise (Kolkata)

They recently released their demo, its good m/

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49 Demigod (Jaipur)

Saw them live at my college
Theye just nailed it

50 Reverrse Polarity (Mumbai)
51 Ageless Yard (Solan)

Caught em live at IIT Mandi. These folks are brutal only if they could manage to hold on to a vocalist for long.

Maan... they r just awwsome! Deserve 2 be quite higher in the list. These guys just rockk.

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52 Corpulent Deformity (Darjeeling)

Experimental of the finest deathcore bands in the country

Insane playing style and unbelievable breakdowns...

Why the hell did they are... ?
They're best in India...

53 Lunatic Fringe (Guwahati)

Listen to them. A pure death metal act from guwahati.

Not there yet, but huge, crazy potential.

54 Virus

From Ranchi... There's a damn Chris Adler in their band! Well if you can play log songs.. you got to be something.. They won this event in our college

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55 The Forbidden Ritual (Dehradun)

You need to check them out people... most authentic music being produced by this band and they are pushing the limits and boundaries of Prog/tech metal!

Opeth influenced band! Heard lake of the decayed and it's sick! They should definitely be among top 10

Saw this band perform at our Uni. As much as they're far from perfect, their OCs were astounding. Wasn't expecting such a show from anyone..completely overwhelmed us!

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56 Grimmortal (Navi Mumbai)

A Deathcore band in Navi Mumbai..
Best metal band in Navi Mumbai..
Best metal band in Mumbai..
Best BAND in the PLANET!...
MAN!... The screams... The riffs... The solos... The bass... The drums... EVERYTHING IS MORE THAN AWESOME!...

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57 Horjwlai (Agartala)

One of the popular metal band in North-east India. They performed in many college fests in Agartala and as well as outside Tripura. Metal lovers should check out there tracks!

Best track list
1-Rise of the nation
2-jong Joni jong
3-To be hanged till death

58 Incipit (Nagaland)

Hand to God, One of the best voice I've ever heard in Indian metal scene.
Their cover of steelheart's "she's gone " was awesome, You can check them out in YouTube though the video is bad.
Their original "but why" is awesome.

59 Dhwesha (Bangalore)

A duo band earlier have amazing riffs and melody they are one hell of band deserve a higher rank. Old school death metal band with lyrics in kannada.. Meticulous and staccato riffs with dark elements and with a melody amazing... Just listen to their title track dhwesha..

60 8th Mile Stone (Roorkee)

A progressive metalcore band based in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Saw these guys live at my college. Not your average metal band. These guys have potential

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