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121 Decaying Assault (Mizoram)
122 Burial of Chastity
123 Judas Ancestry (Guwahati)
124 Evil Conscience (Kolkata) V 1 Comment
125 Elemental (India)

Their gig, at pune in july was my first metal gig! Ill never forget it... it was one of the most powerful performance I have ever seen... they blew our minds with their energy and the way they were engrossed in their music was awesome to see... enjoyed every bit of their performance and their songs are KILLER! Trust me you'll never see such a band in India!

Deserves to be on top 10 list

They deserve name in top 5

It should not be compared with Indian band...devil n monster people

V 12 Comments
126 Ragnhild (Pune)
127 Cruoris (Pune)
128 Zero Gravity

Deserve to be in top bands. Best wishes.

Superb band. I had the privilege of previewing some of their songs. Trust me they belong way up there.

One of the best metal act from central India
Powerful catchy riffs
Awesome vocals
Deserves to be in the top 20

129 Cryptic Revolt (Indore)
130 Farrago (Jorhat)
131 Black (Mumbai)
132 Dream Diabolic (Namchi)

Awesome progressive metal actfrom namchi, sikkim. Their song fragments is quite a masterpiece. - haybridge345

133 Providence (Bombay)

They are Groove Metal Giants

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134 High Frequency (Varanasi)

This is a good death metal band.
They will reach at great height at some point.
Soon they'll release their first EP. Stay tuned to their Facebook or YouTube channel.

135 Revival Fire (Meghalaya)
136 Aberrant (Shillong)
137 My Soul Side Journey (New Delhi)

Emo emo.. I think they are first Emotic band from India. Check em out

138 Plague Throat (Meghalaya)

How could someone miss this 3 piece Gem?

139 Nihilus (Bengalore)
140 Primitiv (Mumbai)
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