Top Ten Metal Gear Solid Songs


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1 Snake Eater

Better than any James Bond song if you ask me

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2 Metal Gear Solid 2 Main Theme

Sons of Liberty was a decent game but I think that the main theme is the best of almost all video game themes.

3 Encounter

The second you hear it, you know IT IS ON! - HeavyDonkeyKong

4 Old Snake

Most emotional song on the list

5 Metal Gear Solid Main Theme
6 Metal Gear Solid 3 Main Theme
7 End Title/The Best Is Yet to Come

This song really makes you feel for Solid Snake and all the challenges he faced on the battlefield. Especially when you return to Shadow Moses as Old Snake and this song starts playing. It really connects with you on an emotional level as you get flashbacks of MGS1.

8 Calling to the Night

Incredible feeling that matches the series's atmosphere

9 It Has to Be This Way
10 Yell Dead Cell

The Contenders

11 Old Metal Gear
12 Sins of the Father
13 Escape Through The Woods
14 Laughing Octopus Battle Theme

If you would ignore nostalgia, this song is in my opinion the best song of the series. But as I understand, everyone just lets nostalgia dominate their taste.

15 Way to Fall
16 Nuclear
17 Love Theme
18 Here's to You

A great song to play during the credits of MGS4 just after the death of Big Boss. It really makes you feel for the character and all the suffering he went through as a result of a pointless war. The song itself is about Nicola and Bart, two immigrants who were wrongfully executed. Rest in Peace.

19 The Theme of Tara

This song play in my head when I imaging snake killing Frank Woods! - Danteem

20 VR Training
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