Top 10 Metal Growlers with the Most Brutal Growls

Brutal (adj). Synonyms in metal: brootal, broot’l (LOL)

Once again, this list is about the most brutal growls and not the best growls. There are growlers with very good growls but growls can't be called 'brootal'.

The Top Ten

1 Mikael Åkerfeldt Lars Mikael Åkerfeldt is a Swedish musician, prominently known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of progressive death metal band Opeth, as well as being the former vocalist of death metal supergroup Bloodbath for three albums up until 2012. more.

This guy is not from this world. - Userguy44

His best growls are in Blackwater Park and Still Life by Opeth and he was great in Bloodbath also

Best growler in the history of death metal.

2 Lord Worm Dan Greening, aka Lord Worm, is the original vocalist for Cryptopsy, a Canadian technical death metal band. He is also an English teacher.

Just give a listen to any song from the album None So Vile - Graves Of The Fathers, Slit Your Guts, Phobophile, Crown of Horns. - Metal_Treasure

3 Muhammed Suiçmez Muhammed Suiçmez was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, to Turkish immigrants. He is the frontman and guitarist of the German technical death metal band Necrophagist.

Abrasive, scary and extremely guttural. - Metal_Treasure

4 Chris Barnes Chris Barnes is an American musician mainly noted for his deep-throat vocals, explicitly violent lyrics. Barnes was a founding member of Cannibal Corpse before his dismissal and would later form Six Feet Under, which he fronts to this day.

His voice sounds so destroyed, love it

5 Glen Benton Glen Benton is an American death metal musician. He is best known as the vocalist and bassist for the death metal band Deicide and was also a part of the band Vital Remains, where he has performed in recording sessions as well as live with them on a few occasions. more.

The guy from Deicide. - Metal_Treasure

6 Karl Sanders Karl Sanders is an American musician, most widely known as the founding member of the American ancient Egyptian-themed technical death metal band Nile.
7 Barney Greenway Mark "Barney" Greenway is an English extreme metal vocalist, who has been a member of Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, and Benediction.
8 George Corpsegrinder Fisher George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher is an American extreme metal vocalist for the American death metal band Cannibal Corpse and the lesser-known melodic death metal band Paths of Possession.
9 Nergal Adam Nergal Darski (born Adam Michał Darski; 10 June 1977 in Gdynia), is a Polish musician and television personality, best known for being the frontman for the black/death metal band Behemoth. more.
10 Matt McGachy

The Contenders

11 Dan Swanö Dan-Erland Swanö is a Swedish musician who is currently the vocalist, guitarist, ex-bassist and ex-drummer for the band Nightingale, lately vocalist, keyboardist and drummer for the band Witherscape, as well as the Owner of Unisound but he achieved fame as the vocalist and songwriter of progressive more.

Dan Swanö is the vocalist for Edge of Sanity. Interestingly, he has a very good clean voice, too (similarly to Mikael Åkerfeldt). - Metal_Treasure

12 John Tardy

Lead singer of Obituary. Pretty brutal growling from this guy. - cjWriter1997

13 Luc Lemay

Amazing vocalist and guitar player

Gorguts - The Erosion Of Sanity, Disincarnated, Forgotten Arrows. - Metal_Treasure

14 Phil Bozeman

The guy from Whitechapel

15 Dickie Allen

Because Dickie Allen.

16 Peter Tägtgren Alf Peter Tägtgren is a Swedish musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is the founder, main songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitarist of the death metal band Hypocrisy as well as the industrial metal band PAIN in which he is the only member.
17 Travis Ryan Travis Ryan Collins, who goes by the stage name Travis Ryan, is an American musician known for being the vocalist of the Deathgrind band Cattle Decapitation.

This guy is litterly an insane vocalist! Besides growling, he does different kind of screams, for example in some songs he does a special type of scream that sounds like a troll, witch is sick! And velociraptor scream. He can also do pigsquel's. And he is the reason that made me become a better deathmetal vocalist
And love his band Cattle Decapitation. I personly don't like most deathmetal bands becuse of most vocalist sound monotone to me. That's my opinion.

18 Dallas Toler-Wade

from Nile - Metal_Treasure

19 Patrick Loisel

At times he sounds like Lord Worm of Cryptopsy. Very deep, guttural and brutal growls.
Example: Augury - Mater Dolorosa - Metal_Treasure

20 Alex Terrible (Slaughter To Prevail)

But he is deathcore which isn't exactly metal - Metal_Treasure

The guy has amazing low gutturals. Sounds like if Godzilla’s vocal cords were transplanted into a human.

The guy’s got a demon’s growl!

21 Corey Taylor Corey Todd Taylor was born in December 8, 1973. He is an American musician, author, and actor best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the Nu-metal band Slipknot and hard rock/alternative metal band Stone Sour.

Slipknot's vocalist "death growl" like demon

He isn't exactly metal. - Metal_Treasure

22 Chris Fehn

Known as Backing vocalist of band Slipknot
Death growling better than Corey Taylor

23 Chuck Schuldiner Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner (1967-2001) was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known as the founder and vocalist, guitarist and bassist of the American heavy metal band Death. He is considered the most influential figure in Death Metal, with some publications referring to Chuck more.
24 Ruben Rosas

Deep, rough and brutal, I love it.

25 Xenoyr
26 Adam Warren
27 Herr Warcrimer
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