Top 10 Metal Songs of 2018


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1 Diluvium - Obscura

What haven't been said about this band and this song yet? We already know what to expect: perfection. Which this song is. - Metal_Treasure

2 Lightning Strike - Judas Priest

Why isn't this higher? - Userguy44

It will get higher when more people start voting on this list. It's already in the top 10, it was much lower before. - Metal_Treasure

3 Northern Chaos Gods - Immortal
4 My Own Grave - As I Lay Dying

Metal_Treasure Isn't that kind of the point of metalcore, and what makes you say what metal is and is not? I think most people who like pop rock would despise of this song. - imfc20

The pop rock part is unsuitable. We are talking about metal here. Pop has no business in metal.
Also, this item has been SPAM VOTED. - Metal_Treasure

Understandable, but you said that metalcore isn't metal, and vast majority metalcore songs have signing if not all, and theirs still a lot of metalcore on the metal encyclopedia. - danimey

5 Sire of Sin - Cryptopsy

Heavy as it should be. This is what we expect from Cryptopsy. And the new singer is pretty good - Metal_Treasure

6 The Bee - Amorphis
7 Illusive Golden Age - Augury

Just gorgeous! - Metal_Treasure

8 To Drink from the Night Itself - At the Gates

This should be waaay higher, top 3! - danimey

9 Nuclear Alchemy - Watain

Seriously. - Skullkid755

10 The Inversion - Beyond Creation

Quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks by this band. The first half is great and what you expect from Beyond Creation. The second half however really takes it up a notch as the band slows it down and really showcase their versatility. And then, of course, it ends on the heaviest moment making it all come together nicely. Overall, just a really really solid track. - cjWriter1997

The Newcomers

? The Spears Within - Night in Gales
? Algorythm - Beyond Creation

The Contenders

11 Pounding the Pavement - Anvil
12 Humanoid - Cynic
13 Of Unworldly Origin - Revocation
14 All Out Life - Slipknot
15 Clandestine Stars - Obscura

Awesome bass solo followed by awesome guitar solo - Metal_Treasure

16 In Limbic Resonance - Kataklysm
17 A Home - Rivers of Nihil
18 Fairer Than the Sun - Leaves' Eyes Fairer Than the Sun - Leaves' Eyes
19 Mater Dolorosa - Augury
20 Layers of Reality - Pestilence Layers of Reality - Pestilence
21 Towards the Sanctuary - Watain Towards the Sanctuary - Watain
22 The Outer Ones - Revocation
23 Ethereal Skies - Obscura

This song showcases how to be highly "technical" and play with jaw-dropping virtuosity without sacrificing the melody. - Metal_Treasure

24 Sham Pain - Five Finger Death Punch

That's nowhere near metal! - Metal_Treasure

25 Sign of the Dragonhead - Leaves' Eyes Sign of the Dragonhead - Leaves' Eyes
26 The Fire of Power - Watain The Fire of Power - Watain
27 Emergent Evolution - Obscura
28 Sacred Damnation - Watain Sacred Damnation - Watain
29 Anchorite - Augury
30 Like a Mountain - Leaves' Eyes
31 Condemned to the Gallows - Between the Buried and Me
32 Guillotine - Kataklysm
33 Are You Ready - Disturbed

This is metal? Oh... (by the way, Disturbed has never been a metal band). - Metal_Treasure

I've never heard of that website? Is that really your official source that you rely on? A lot of metal snobs call nu metal "not metal" simply because they don't like it. Instead of going on some obscure website just look up "disturbed genre" and you will find nu metal guaranteed. - danimey

34 Beyond the Pale - Machine Head

...nope...Machine Head were disappointing in 2018. - Metal_Treasure

35 Rats - Ghost

Is this even metal? Not for me. This is just radio friendly rock. - Metal_Treasure

Should be number one

36 The American Nightmare - Ice Nine Kills

This song is legendary! This is the real #1!

Sounds like an A7X song... And also so not metal... - Metal_Treasure

You think that every song with screaming is metal? LOL. Now I understand why you added a bunch of non-metal songs to this list. Man, you need to educate yourself.
You called me a snob? Before calling people names make sure you know what are you talking about. - Metal_Treasure

37 Chaos Theory and Practice - Alkaloid
38 The Golden Elk - Amorphis
39 The Living Vault - Augury
40 Carrion Tide - Augury
41 Gone Away - Five Finger Death Punch

LOL. This song isn't metal. Neither is the band, by the way.
And this is a cover song - originally by The Offspring...that aren't metal, either. - Metal_Treasure

42 The Idolator - Horrendous

I love it when I just magically find a song that I put on repeat over and over. This is very good progressive death metal song that has caught my interest recently. - cjWriter1997

43 Heart of the Giant - Amorphis
44 They Played Rock and Roll - Saxon
45 New Rise - Primal Fear
46 Fearless - Gus G.

Perhaps the best metal instrumental of 2018 (so far) - Metal_Treasure

47 Mad Hatter - Avenged Sevenfold
48 Giza Butler - Sleep
49 The Seventh Aeon - Obscura
50 Warrior Queen - Visigoth
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1. Diluvium - Obscura
2. Northern Chaos Gods - Immortal
3. Sire of Sin - Cryptopsy
1. All Out Life - Slipknot
2. My Own Grave - As I Lay Dying
3. To Drink from the Night Itself - At the Gates


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