Top Ten People You Meet at a Metal Concert

Sometimes you know what kind of people you meet. Will it be the Elitist or the Average Fan? Lots of them are common.....Maybe. Don't take this to seriously.

So grab a soda and enjoy your day :)
The Top Ten
1 The Elitist

I hate them. According to them, the only good metal band Is black sabbath, and only for the first album. All the others are "mainstream"

The most annoying concert visitor of all Time!
He only wears stuff from "trve" bands and every other band which has more than 12 Twitter Follow..."WAIT! THAT'S SO UNTRVE!

Trve bands don't use Twitter!
All demos MUST sound terrible!
Every band with more than 3 Fans is a SELL OUT! "

I'm sorry my evil second "Elitist-Me" was typing

I wouldn't meet any of these since I never go to metal concerts.

2 The Slayer Fan

I'm a Slayer fan, too, but I don't do this. I find it quite annoying. If you wanna hear a Slayer song what are you doing at a death metal show? Stay home and listen to Slayer.

This is me. Me and my friends yell "SLAAAYYER" at every show. Its basically metal's version of Free Bird

"SLAAAYER! " is all he can scream/say.
Even if he ISN'T AT A SLAYER SHOW he wants
to hear a song from Slayer.

3 The Teen

His/Her first show. Be nice to them.
Do you remember how awesome it was
to go to your first concert?

4 The Old-Timer

" when I was younger, my dear friend Bruce Dickinson and I used to spent a lot of time together. Moreover, I organized some of the concerts of those young musicians like metallica, Slayer, Megadeth...
I'm also Rob halford's best friend, you know? "

He met all members of Led Zeppelin,
was at every show from the classic Metalbands.
With his knowledge you could write a whole book.

...and he might say that they (the bands) all were better when
he was younger

Seeing old people in cutoff denim vests is hilarious

5 The Drunk Dude

I've seen that but it has also happened at rock concerts that are not metal, and even at baseball matches.

I've seen people throw up, and I've had beer spilled on me. The stoners are so much better

There is ALWAYS one guy who may had
too much of "Valhallas golden juice".

Drink with responsibility (Seriously! )

In every concert there's always at least one drunk a**hole who ruins it for everybody

6 The Violent Dancer

He learned his moves at a secret
Metal Karate school.
He will hurt you if you mosh near him...Be careful!

He kills everyone ( and everything ) in the mosh pit

7 The Parents

Oh... They might hate metal or worse...

Why is that worse you ask me?

Imagine your mom yells:"SLAYER! "
at a Black Metal concert and everybody gives her looks and while she's screaming your father is
stagediving..."great show".

8 The Girlfriend

Rare but if she's there she loves the band just like
you or she hates metal and is asking herself why she agreed going to a thrash metal show.

9 The Average Fan

This is what you see most of the time.

He drinks one beer/soda,headbangs a little bit
and maybe goes into the pit.
95% people of a show are the average fan.

10 The Mosh Pit Fan

Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth or even Black Sabbath.
If this guy doesn't get his moshpit...Well,you'll be sorry.

He likes to mosh and he helps everybody to
get up after they fell BUT there's one thing he really hates...THE VIOLENT DANCER!

The Contenders
11 The Pop Fan

Really?...hmmm I'm sure they forgot the route, But then...It's easy to know where you're heading, You can HEAR it miles away.

If he listens to brutal death metal he says: "oh my God what's this satanic metallica stuff! "

The fan that really likes pop but hates metal

And they were never heard from again

12 The Hater

It May seem weird, but some people (metalheads too) go to certain concerts only to hate on the bands that are performing. Sad but true

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