Top Ten Things Metal Music Might Help You With

We all have troubles or need a certain kind of music to concentrate to. Whatever it is, metal might help you!

It has helped me a lot in many situations. Some are even listed here.
The Top Ten
1 Dealing with bullying

I guess I am lucky because I have never been a victim of this, thank God. But I can imagine this is a horrible experience and if metal can help, it would be great.

From my own experience, I agree with all original 9 items on this list.

I know it's a difficult theme but I had to take
it to this list.

People hate others for no or just bad reasons...
So they start to bully you!

I don't want to write more about it but I
know how it feels to get bullied.

Maybe Metal helps you. It did for me.

(Go to you parents,teachers etc.,there are special
websites and hotlines where you can talk with
professional people :) )

2 Learning about music elements

Yes, I couldn't agree more. I noticed that the average metal fan knows more about some music details than the fans of some other music genres. Metal fans often discuss riffs, solos, drum beats, vocal ranges, time signatures, etc. I don't think pop fans pay so much attention to such elements.

3 Thinking about our society

Absolutely true! Start with Megadeth - Peace Sells and Metallica - One, The Unforgiven, Welcome Home, and many more.

Some bands write about bad stuff which happens
because of our society

& often you first have to
understand the lyrics because some are hard to

4 Getting more creative

I listen to sludge or black metal when I'm writing about a demonic entity.

Especially power metal and brutal death metal lyrics.

5 Being better in sports

The best music for workout - gives you energy when you feel exhausted.

Black,Death and Slam Bands are my bands
for riding a bike. They just fit for driving faster
and having more energy!

6 Being more open minded

So true. Most of the metalheads listen to metal in different languages - Norwegian, Finnish, German, Spanish, and so on. Some of these languages are pretty exotic - like the fictional Troll language (Trollspråk), which blends Norwegian and German (used by the band Trollfest).

Listening to music in different languages makes your brain activate new brain cells and connections between the cells. This helps you get out of the box and gives you new perspectives, so you can get more open minded. It pushes you out of your comfort zone but after a while you have a new and wider comfort zone.

Metalheads can also tolerate different accents - many great metal bands come from Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Denmark, South America, and so on. Most of these bands sing in English and yes - the singers have accents. But as far as I know, metalheads are OK with that. Metal music somehow teaches you how to be more tolerant and open minded.

7 Gaining more self-confidence

You may be shy but Metal might help you.
Some lyrics are about shy people who get
more self-confidence!

8 Concentrating

In the rare instances I listen to loud, screamy music is often when I wish to drown out my thougjts. Works like a charm, so I definitely agree'

Sometimes you can't concentrate to
do a certain thing (not reading) and can't concentrate?
- Maybe Metallica helps you.

9 Gaining perseverance

Directly or indirectly, most of the metal music has this message.

10 Finding new friends

Just go to a local concert and talk to the people.
They won't hate you and would love to have
great conversations :)

and maybe you meet new friends.

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11 Being tough

I'm naturally physically strong, but when I'm yelling I either put a death growl at the edge of my words or sound like a demon. Everyone stops every time when I yell at them.

Oh hell yeah. I may not be physically tough, but my attitude can get pretty scary.

12 Having more fun in life

There are always songs which can
make you happy in just a few seconds.
Maybe it's that great guitar solo or a groovy

13 Coping with anxiety and depression
14 Relieving pain
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