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1 Billie Jean

And this famous performance in Motown! Eh, so awesome


This is such an amazing piece by Michael. It is just so fun and unique as a whole! I would definitely recommend this is a song to learn

this is hard to choose I love dancing them all but I would say Billie Jean is just the best! amazing.

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2 Smooth Criminal

This is probably the best dance song of Michael Jackson.

RIP MICHAEL. The best there was, the best there ever will be.

Smooth Criminal is one of those songs that you can't listen to without dancing! :) One of the best songs from the Bad album, and has one of the greatest music videos ever! :D

ANNIE ARE YOU OKAY? , like wow... no words... SPEECHLESS - SmoothCriminal

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3 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

If I hear it I just start dancing!

I am a best friend and best fan

Makes you do the shoulder shake for sure!

I like it the dance Really

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4 Thriller

Great dance

I like his songs and dance.

Most memorable song of all time..

A great singer and dancer in world

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5 Beat It

No more beat it this song make me mad

Just awesome

No more comment

Whenever I Hear Anything By MJ I Start Doing Crotchgrabs - BeatlesFan1964

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6 Bad

The best song by MJ. the song just fills mr up with 2000watts of energy and I just love it. The moves of the dance are absolutely awesomeand its quite a pain trying to learn them up.

Over time it will be more popular!
Soon 99% maybe?

Veeerry nice album

7 Black or White


8 They Don't Care About Us

I love the choreography to this song. Really makes u want to get up & dance, but let's be honest, so do ALL of MJs dance songs!

Dance is easy

9 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

You're a vegetable, you're a vegetable :))) I LOOOVE this song! One of the danciest songs eeever.

10 Dangerous

Easily in the top five. And you don't dance to 'They Don't Care About Us'. It's long, with great music and singing: very dance friendly.

Good dance I am your friend

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11 Ghost

Really hard moves in this song! One of his best songs ever in my opinion

Amazing dance. he is very attractive.

12 Remember the Time

This song is one of the coolest dance hit by a legend called Michael Jackson

This song makes my body dance

Greatest of all times

I can keep still when this comes out

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13 Blood On the Dance Floor Blood On the Dance Floor

But not those girls

I just love Michael Jackson this my third best song by him

Blood on the dance floor oh. Love the video love to seeing Michael dancing with the partner doing the Imperial. Blew my mind I'm a big Imperial dancer.

Love. E this song

14 The Way You Make Me Feel

This song would be perfect for practicing ballet.

15 Jam

This song has a good beat and you can not listen to it without dancing. When I go dancing The song" jam " ils The song when I move The most

16 Rock with You

Always makes me want to dance. Off the Wall was his best album.

Why isn't this higher. The grooviest song ever - lizard302

I can't not dance while listening to this song

Everybody can dance to this song...

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17 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

People that can't dance can dance to this song!

18 Dirty Diana
19 Who Is It

I went through this list and thought "Which one has the best beat? " This one came to my mind. Amazing

20 You Rock My World

Not only I love this ICONIC SONG, but the video is amazing as well.

Amazing song


HOW IS THIS 20?!?! I JUST CAME HERE FROM WATCHING 'You Rock My World (Official Music Video)' for the 14th time and it is still my favourite 21st century mj song

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21 Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)

You shake but now

22 In the Closet
23 Heartbreaker
24 Give in to Me
25 We are Here to Change the World
26 I Just Can't Stop Loving You
27 Scream

Scream is my favorite song because he did a song wit his songv

28 2000 Watts
29 Workin' Day and Night
30 She Drives Me Wild
31 2 Bad
32 Money
33 Love Never Felt So Good
34 Blame It on the Boogie
35 Baby Be Mine
36 Is It Scary
37 I Want You Back
38 Tabloid Junkie
39 For All Time

It is beautiful song too... I like it... When I listen to this song, my bad feeling out of my brain... MJ rip

40 Fall Again
41 One More Chance
42 Sunset Driver

It's a good song. this should be on off the wall

43 Xscape


44 She's Out of My Life
45 Why You Wanna Trip on Me
46 Liberian Girl

I love this song; I don't know why

47 Unbreakable

The beat is very good! MJ forever

48 Heal the World

This should be #1

49 Gone Too Soon
50 This is It


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