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141 Sunset Driver V 2 Comments
142 Lovely One

This song appears on The Jacksons' Triumph. - gyungmin

143 Cheater

I love this song to cause he real inspired me cause like really I miss him so much cause he so awesome.

Best new song on The Ultimate Colllection. Incredible bassline. One of the most solid evidences of MJ's brilliant songwriting.

144 Much Too Soon
145 Breaking News V 1 Comment
146 Whatzupwitu
147 Music and Me
148 Morning Glow
149 Just a Little Bit of You
150 Greatest Show On Earth
151 Farewell My Summer Love
152 Mind Is the Magic

It sounds like Who Is It, but it was actually recorded before, just released in 2009 (if I remember correctly). Overall, it's a pretty great track about the two Las Vegas magicians.

153 A Brand New Day
154 Girl Don't Take Your Love from Me
155 In Our Small Way
156 Wings of My Love
157 You've Got a Friend
158 Love Is Here and Now You're Gone
159 We've Got a Good Thing Going
160 You Can Cry On My Shoulder
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