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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


War is not about how many bullets you can fire or how much armor you can field, it is about destroying the enemy or eliminating his will to fight (Sun Tzu). Our most potent weapon is our three dimensional command and control abilities. Yes, we have the most formidable tanks in the world, but more important is the way they, and every other piece on the battlefield functions together. We have more planes, but most importantly is their speed, duration and stealth functions. If you don't see the other plane until its missile is almost on top of you, the rest doesn't matter. When we discuss naval power, all of the previous statements are multiplied by a factor of 3 to 4 for all the same reasons. Finally, and most importantly, is the American soldier. He is not only the best trained, best equipped and well directed soldier in the world, we have more combat veterans than any nation on Earth. I may not agree with the wars we've recently fought, but the end result is the finest soldier in the ...more

India may have an undefeated record. But the US has truly proven that they are a military superpower ever since the 20th century.
Firstly the Americans are the forefront of military innovation. They have mastered all branches of military warfare, drone technology and precision is now saving countless lives.
Secondly, has it ever occurred to anyone why America always been entrusted with the post war diplomacy with other nations. And are the ones called in too liberate innocent countries from tyranny, genocide, and terrorism? I don't see India doing the job any time soon.

I do agree that the US does waste their time in some wars over the past 20th century, but this proves evermore the strength and dynamics of the American military. Throughout many generations which have, and are to come.
The US may be vulnerable to terrorism, but India can't even feed it's 1.2 billion poverty filled populace!

This shows that it's more about the resume than the record.

The US should be the strongest country but the US cannot be called a "Liberator" (at least for now). They were once a liberator in World War 2 where they helped Europe even though Germany didn't even try to invade the US when the war started. They sacrificed many lives to save others. After leadership became bad and US citizens lost the spirit they once had, the US became what many call a "bully". Yet if there is a major conflict and a strong leader rises, than the US can be extremely powerful. So to all the people who say the US isn't that brave, you are wrong. The US will become brave when other countries are in need of it. India wouldn't have the bravery to attack a country like Nazi Germany while Europe is dying. They would just say "We would only defend our homeland". Overall the US was once a Liberator but is not a Liberator, for now...

All the president has to do is press a red button and type a few codes in and in the matter of seconds, every other country in the world will crumble. United States is the only country in the world with nuclear missile defenses.

The only reason they are having difficulties in the Middle East is because of US citizens. If they wanted, they could fight the entire war with drones and unmanned artillery, but the American people find too much controversy with it. If you were to give them some sort of incentive to use them though, such ass attack them on their soil, they wouldn't hesitate to use them. The only reason they disagree with drone strikes is because they don't feel any threat from the enemy.

The United States is practically a world Hyper power, something far more greater then a superpower. Honestly I bet, if you were to put the entire US military force against bot the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, without the inclusion of nukes, would defeat their combined military forces. The only thing holding them back is that there to scared and frankly to soft to go all terminator style on a country or state. The US is an influential and powerful nation that stands as an icon. Other countries look to us, whether they wish to or not, as an example of how to act and handle situations. Look how bad the world would look at the most powerful country if they just invaded all of Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 and just decimated the nation, instead of taking the time to rid the nations of terrorist with more unconventional warfare then conventional. Speaking of war, and world projection, the US is able to project it's entire military across the world in different ...more

United States is extremely powerful in the military. Because of nuclear warheads combine with elite infantry. Also future weapons may include platforms firing beams of energy waves that could stop a bomb or missile in it's tracks. For infantry there is many small arms or explosives that could eradicate enemy hideout's, position's exc. Air has drone's and fighter jets that could fire heat seeking missiles to destroy targets. Back in world war 2 during the battle of Britain. Magnesium incendiary bombs which we have ( bombs that detonate into flames). America has a wealthy system of warfare, however due to recent drops for military funding China, Russia and Muslim countries have had a larger chance of attacking Israel. But America is a superior country of technology and warfare. The United States in my eyes is the most powerful country.

American technology, and not to mention our incredibly trained troops, remain unrivaled by any country on earth. We have an imperialistic military structure with bases spanning every continent and most countries. The world relies on the US to defend the defenseless and to reprimand those acting out of context. Our structure and fortification, as well as manpower and technology, could never be replicated. The American military is the strongest the world has ever seen, and until our collapse or destruction by unknown variables, will remain as such. God bless America.

Are you kidding me?
The USA Spends more on the military than all other nations combined (including Russia and China)! Wikipedia: defense Spending. Best technology, enormous manpower and bases in over 130 countries! The USA cannot be compared with other nations it is histories only hyperpower. If all other nations would team up against the USA the USA would still end as victor. This isn't even a matter of opinion this is a matter of fact. Those who claim otherwise are dishonest.

USA against the world? If USA was that strong, they should have established new world order by now.

Pft India? We are the most technologically advanced nation on Earth. We have the most powerful army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. We are also the biggest nuclear super-power on Earth. Russia is the only one who even comes close. We even spend more money on military then all other countries combined. In an all out war with the US no country or even a number of countries could stand a chance against us. The US is the worlds greatest and most powerful country on Earth and will probably be for the foreseeable future. India doesn't have anything on the US.

It's simple math the US is a hyper power. Also there are weapons generations ahead that are the stuff of science fiction and won't be made public for decades. The US will never build another attack copter which is public knowledge -why? Who needs archaic aircraft powered by chemical fuel and lifted with blades when other vehicles exist that are not dependent on either.

Quite simply put, who does everyone call when they are facing down the barrel of some idiot... the USA. And who ends up covering the bill for all of this "International Security"? The American people, maybe we should start charging for our services and stop saving everyone for free? If you want the support of the most advanced fighting units in the world, you should have to pay for them. I don't recall the UN banging on Indias doors asking for help, well unless they had a telephone customer support question, then I'm sure the phone was ringing. - paglusco

Sorry people but the United States by far has the most powerful military. No country in the world stands a chance invading us. The best chance would be nuclear. The problem with that is we have the most advanced nuclear arsenal. And no government would commit suicide. We do have Anti ballistic missile defenses. On the other hand we our capable of parking more aircraft Carriers at your steps than all the world combined air water and then land if you can't see you can't defend. But we are peaceful people and in our country life is everything

The US had the largest military presence around the entire world. It can coordinate attacks on any continent with ease, allowing it do demolish any country in its path. This advantage is due to the US policy of leaving troops anywhere it has been involved. I'm not saying it can defeat every nation, but it certainly can make a powerful first strike

Hey guys! Of America if India's population is high that's why they are voting then China's population is more than India then why they are not voting for their own country! Now give us the reason...

The USA has the best military definitely. If the USA wanted to they could take over India or any other country. America is so powerful that we don't get involved in wars we only help other countries in their wars. People from other countries can't even imagine the war technology that we have. We could fly 4 drones over a country and destroy the entire country and kill the entire population in a few hours if we wanted to.

The United States has the most technologically advanced military on the planet. It is highly organized, and, provided with a good general, could compete with any nation on Earth including China. Also, an explanation of the Republic of India's number one ranking is sorely needed. A few good pilots are not enough. India lacks organization, China lacks creativity. The US wins, hands down.

I don't think anybody is honestly stupid enough to argue US military dominance. Emerging as the worlds sole superpower after the most massive arms race in history, then spending more on defense each year thereafter than the next 13+ largest spenders combined. The effect Is a military hegemony unparalleled in world history. Far surpassing the military might Britain or Rome possessed relative to their times.

We also have the most powerful and in amount of nuclear weapons. If its enough to flatten Russia its enough for me.

Unquestionably, we're the most elite force on the planet.

There is not one single country whose forces could come within 50 miles of the coast of mainland USA without being shot out of the sky or blown out of the water. We're simply the most dominant force the planet has ever seen, by far.

This is just a popularity vote. India was voted #1 because they don't start wars? Really, is that a reason to be #1?

The fact is military conflict and experience is a deciding factor in the efficacy of Armies. And with that in mind the United States Army, quite easily being one of the most bellicose in the world, readily takes the title.

Nevermind technology, nukes, and all of that... It comes down to experience.

It's quite obvious that the United States is the world's number one super power. The amount of money spent per year on the defense budget is more money than what most third world countries have circulating in their economy.

India is in #1 just because it has one of the the most population and they are surely going to vote for their country. In reality, USA is the most powerful country. If there is something going around the country, India barely help them but USA does most of the time.

All technological advancements of USA is due to the contribution of Indian scientists only. Even in NASA Indian scientists are dominating. If Indian professionals come out from the Economy of USA, the economy OF USA will collapse. we should thank god that Indians are present in our economy to hold it.

We are the best in all categories (except for manpower... something like 3rd). If we needed to take somebody out... we would (have the ability to... our current administration doesn't have the backbone). - fireinside96

America doesn't deserve to be here because yeah sure we do most of the military spending because most countries aren't at war right now. Second B2s aren't everything there's a lot more to wars then that. Third we are terrible at stealth warfare that's why we didn't beat North Korea, spent almost 20 useless years in Vietnam and basically lose and why were still in Afghanistan doing nothing. Also even if we went to war most Americans would pressure the government into getting us out of war because none of us want to go to war especially when the economy is still slowly recovering economically. The only advantage we really have is that our technology is arguably the best and we have the most qualified people. But in a war we might win depending on whom we're against. - Mjacob