Top 10 Moments from The Godfather (1972)

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1 Vito and Michael Talk Alone for the Final Time

Before his death Vito and Michael have one last talk together as Vito goes on about he really didn't want Michael to be part of the family business and really wanted him to be legit.

Very strong family moment despite how evil they may be

2 The Meeting

Following Sonny's assassination Vito holds a meeting with the five families to end the feud assuring them that he will withdraw his opposition to their heroine business and forgo avenging Sonny's murder.

3 Michael Becomes the New Don
4 Carlo's Assasination

Although I don't approve of the mafia, I was still satisfied when Carlo died.
As evil as the mafia may be, I just couldn't feel bad for him at all. If anything, he deserved what he got!

Michael manages to extract a confession from Carlo's in his involvement in Sonny's assassination and at first it seems like Michael is gonna let Carlo's live giving him a plane ticket to Vegas and have him stay there, as Carlo gets in the car to be taken to the airport he is executed by Peter Clemenza who garrotes him a wire as Carlo's kicks and breaks the windows until he dies.

5 Horses Head in the Bed

After Johnny Fontaine seeks help from Vito to help secure him a role for a movie Vito sends Tom Hagen to persuade the head of the studio Jack Woltz to give Johnny the part Jack of course refuses and no matter what they say nothing can convince him until the next morning when Jack wakes up to find the severed head of his prized stallion in his bed as he screams out in horror as anyone would fi they were to find a horses head in their bed, the scene has been parodied to death in various movies and T.V. shows like the Simpsons, and The Loud House.

6 Sonny Beats Up Carlo

While visiting Connie Sonny sees Carlo has been beating on her again and tracks him down in the street and relentlessly pummels him which is kind of funny as most of the punches actually miss, he beats him, he bites him, hits him with a trash can and the lid then proceeds to kick him all while countless people watch on as Sonny tells him if he ever beats on his sister again he'll kill him.

Very satisfying scene. And I was even happier when he got strangled to death!

I can't blame Sonny, though. Were I him, I would've done the same to Carlo!

7 "You Can Act Like a Man!!!"

In this scene Johnny Fontaine speaks with Vito about him being unable to land a role for a movie as he begins to bawl like a child as Vito snaps at him yelling at him "YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN! " as he then proceeds to tell Johnny that everything will be taken care of as Johnny tells him that they start shooting in a week as Vito delivers his iconic line "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse".

8 Sonny's Death

After getting the call that Carlo has again beating Connie Sonny drives off to deal with him and along the way at a toll booth Sonny is ambushed by Barzini's men who open fire on him as he takes in way more bullets and still doesn't die until he collapses on the ground before being shot again followed by a kick to the head which finally keeps him down.

9 Connie's Wedding
10 Carlo Beats Up Connie

Possibly the hardest scene to watch after Connie finds out about Carlo's mistress she goes off on him smashing plates and vases as Carlo proceeds to beat her with his belt, Connie takes refuge in the bathroom as Carlo kicks open the bathroom door and relentlessly beats on her some more off camera of course, and as its later learned all of this was part of Carlo's plan to have Sonny killed by having his mistress call Connie so she would react this way and he would beat her causing Sonny to come after him so he would get ambushed Barzini's men.

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11 Michael shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey
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