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21 Ceadeus

Legendary elder dragons known as both "shining giants of the depths" and "great sea dragons." Not confirmed to exist until recently. The Moga quakes were due to a Ceadeus butting its abnormally long horns into the earth. - nexusw427

22 Goldbeard Ceadeus
23 Rathian

I don't know how she's not on this list yet. A fun monster to fight, once you learn her patterns. He is even psychic and can tell when you're moving her eggs.

Hey her mommy senses are tingling

24 Kecha Wacha
25 Dinovaldo V 1 Comment
26 Rajang
27 Kirin

This Monster is an electric unicorn that has the power to strike you down with a lightning bolt. The Subspecies is a black Kirin that instead of using lightning he uses ice his name is the Oroshi Kirin.

28 Ukanlos

Hailed as the "White God" and the counterpart of Akantor, so powerful that only few wyverns and elder dragons only can match it's strength

29 Dah'ren Mohran

Giant sand dragon who u fight without any gear at the start of 4 ultimate - Lord28

30 Tigrex

My personal favorite as it has the best everything. My favorite part is the roar.

It really rules as it is the beast that slaughters everything even Gammoths.

It has the ferocity of the indominus rex and will attack Gammoths. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?

V 2 Comments
31 Plesioth

Plesioth=Green Plesioth are some of the mst impressive monsters in the game. It is a shark snapper with legs. HOW COOL IS THAT? Also it has a good fight.

It has awesome water beams and I never got hit by a Plesioths "outrages' hitbox. Plesioth rules cause I like sharks.

32 Molten Tigrex

Easily the most cool monster in the game

33 Chameleos
34 Deviljho

A badass trex

35 Raviente
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