Most Annoying Keys On a Keyboard


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1 Caps Lock

I question what the point of the Caps Lock is when there is a Shift Key just underneath it that does the job much quicker. Surely the only reason for the Caps Lock is for ANGER IN TEXT

The Caps Lock key needs to be popped off indefinitely on all keyboards in the world, it's a terrible key.

its the worst key
it kills me why you would even use it it looks odd
when I try to write fast and click (a) caps gets pressed and then my mind blows up

Absolute most useless key

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2 Q

Q drives me crazy. I can't stand it. It should be burned in hell.

3 Insert

Insert isn't like the worst key ever. It IS the worst key ever!

Insert is like the worst key ever. Never used it intentionally. Accidentally hit deletes text when I try to correct some text... Wroooaaaggh

4 Menu

There's a menu key on a keyboard? Unless that is the Windows logo key, then yeah it's annoying because it's like Alt-Tabbing out of a game by complete accident. - NuMetalManiak

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5 ` ~

Why place the ' ~ key there? It's a pain to reach and easy to press by accident. - sketchysteve

6 / ?

I honestly wish that this key burns in hell it is so annoying.

When I want to press full stop I always press this key which makes me come 2nd on typeracer.

7 N
8 ; :

I hate it when I go and hit "L", I hit this stupid key by accident and that ruins my typing.

I wish that I cou just spill acid on this keu.

9 Windows

Seriously, why is this key even on the keyboard? - sketchysteve

10 Shift

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11 6 ^
12 Space

Space is a great key, but it is annoying when you hit it by accident and insert unnecessary spaces in words. - sketchysteve

13 Tab
15 ' "
16 Ctrl

Ctrl is not annoying. - sketchysteve

17 Sleep

Although it is usually recessed, I have accidentally hit this button a few times. Aaargh! - wizardryuk

I don't have this key on my laptop, but it must be really annoying. I feel your pain. - sketchysteve

Thank god I don't have this key on my laptop. - sketchysteve

18 Enter
19 Esc
20 T

I attempt to hit the Y key, but I hit that one instead.

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